What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Oil Rig Accidents?

What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Oil Rig Accidents?

Oct 20, 2023 | Workplace Injury

Working on an oil rig is not always a safe work environment. In 2021, there were 164 injuries due to offshore incidents. 

If either you or a loved one works on an oil platform, you may be concerned about oil rig accidents.

What can you do to avoid accidents at work? This guide gives you some tips on preventing accidents. 

Have a Training Process 

The first thing that can help prevent accidents at work is to have training for new hires. This allows them to get a sneak preview in a safe work environment of the potential hazards they may face while on an oil rig. 

With the right training program, leaders can show new employees what can happen if they do not follow safety protocols. It can help to emphasize why listening to protocols is so crucial. 

Then, leaders can test new employees on how well they have absorbed this information. Once the employees prove they understand the safety protocols, it’s time for the real work to begin.

Clear Signs 

Another thing that can benefit you is having clear signs around the work environment. These can be general safety reminders that will keep people alert regarding safety protocols. 

The best thing about this is that having visual signs will help ingrain that information with employees. People tend to remember 65% of what they see and only 10% of what they hear. 

You can try putting the most important safety measures on signs across the workplace. This one change should decrease the chances of oil rig accidents happening.

Clear Communication 

Supervisors and managers on the oil rig should clearly communicate what is expected of employees. This can include what employees should do, what they should not do, and what they need to watch out for. 

Clear communication is essential because it gives employees a clear understanding of what they are responsible for. Plus, it helps them keep the oil rig running smoothly. 

Routine Maintenance 

Finally, you should make sure that there is routine maintenance on the machines that you work with. Doing this allows you to discover issues while they are small problems. 

If you fail to do this routinely, those small problems can turn into bigger problems. One of those bigger problems could be the machine failing to operate as it should. When that happens, it can disrupt the whole system and lead to serious accidents on an oil rig. 

Do some research on how often the machines on your oil rig should get routine maintenance and plan accordingly. 

Prevent Oil Rig Accidents 

Oil rig accidents can cause serious injuries and even lead to fatalities. These tips should help minimize this possibility and potentially save lives. 

However, you or a loved one may already be a victim of an oil rig accident. If that’s the case, you need Barnes Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve. 

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