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Third-Party Claims

If you have been injured on the job or at work, or if you have suffered a personal injury of any kind, you may have a Third Party Claim. Contact the Barnes Law to see if you have a Third Party Claim. Whether the Third Party Claim is the primary or secondary party at fault, a cause of action for recovery from your personal injury, workers’ compensation claim, or your medical malpractice claim may be against a third party.

At Barnes Law Firm, we can help you to determine whether you have a Third Party Claim. Our experienced accident & injury lawyers can assess your personal injury or workers’ compensation claim at a free initial consultation. The personal injury attorneys at Barnes Law Firm can help you maximize your injury, accident, or worker’s compensation claim, and hold any negligent third parties at fault accountable.

Did you know that you may be entitled to money in addition to workers’ compensation?

If you have been injured you may also have:
  • A negligence claim against a Third Party arising from your on-the-job injury, against a person or company other than or in addition to your employer, such as in an auto accident, an equipment mishap or malfunction, a slip and fall, or any other involvement by a third party company
  • A claim against your employer for failure to pay you Overtime Wages for time and a half
  • A Medical malpractice claim
  • A Social Security Disability claim
  • A claim against a product or equipment manufacturer for an accident or injury sustained while on the job or on the premises where the injury occurred

If you have been injured on the job or at work, and believe your injury may be the fault of a Third Party, contact Barnes Law Firm, LLP for a free case evaluation. Do not just rely on the insurance company, workers’ compensation, or your employer to compensate you for your injury losses and damages. Insurance companies have a vested interest in compensating you as little as possible. Your employer and the workers’ compensation system also have an interest in compensating you as little as possible. Let personal injury attorneys at Barnes Law Firm help you to get the full and fair compensation you are entitled to for your worker’s compensation or personal injury.

If you have been injured on the job or in the course of employment, or believe you may have a Third Party Claim, contact Barnes Law Firm for a free case evaluation of your workers’ compensation or personal injury claim, and to discuss your legal options.

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Barnes Law Firm works strictly on a contingent fee basis and advances all upfront costs of a case including the investigation, case development, litigation, expert witnesses and court costs. Those expenses, in addition to our fee, are deducted from the ultimate recovery. And if we are not successful in a recovery in your case, we absorb all costs and charge no fee.