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Truck and Bus Accidents

Have you sustained a serious injury or catastrophic injury to your brain or spinal cord in a tractor-trailer accident, or lost a loved one to fatal injuries and wrongful death in a truck or bus accident? Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer Thomas Barnes and Barnes Law Firm can help.

If you have ever witnessed or seen a truck accident, you know just how much damage a truck, bus or large motor vehicle accident can cause. If an accident involves a truck or 18-wheeler tractor-trailer, bus, utility truck, dump truck, emergency vehicle or other large vehicle, there is almost always significant property damage, along with very serious injuries. Sometimes even death can occur due to the magnitude of the crash.

If negligence is the cause of a truck or bus accident that injures you, you may be entitled to file a claim against the party at fault. Thomas Barnes has 20 years of experience and a unique understanding of the trucking industry and its regulations to present the most successful claims for clients. With a personal injury or wrongful death after a trucking accident, we can help you receive the compensation you are entitled to, which includes medical costs, loss of income, and the pain and suffering as well as other losses associated with a large truck accident.

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A number of factors can contribute to truck accidents or accidents involving large highway vehicles such as: the driver, their qualifications, their character and experience, how they got behind the wheel, their overloaded freight, and even their fatigue, speed, or substance abuse habit are all relevant to each and every truck accident case. Many trucking companies dispatch tractor-trailers on schedules so tight that they often cause truck drivers to operate their trucks for an unreasonably long period of time at a high rate of speed, despite the law. Practices like this only increase the potential danger for other drivers, and can cause truck accidents.

Thomas Barnes understands commercial insurance, interstate transportation laws, truck and large vehicle mechanics, and the federal regulations such as drug and alcohol testing and truck driver service-hour requirements. You can usually count on a trucking company to have a large insurance policy/policies that are willing to protect with no regard to cost — but you can depend on Mr. Barnes to protect your interests.

We strive to recover the maximum monetary compensation for you, as well as restore the dignity that all injured victims deserve.

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Barnes Law Firm works strictly on a contingent fee basis and advances all upfront costs of a case including the investigation, case development, litigation, expert witnesses and court costs. Those expenses, in addition to our fee, are deducted from the ultimate recovery. And if we are not successful in a recovery in your case, we absorb all costs and charge no fee.