Workplace Injury

4 Critical Steps to Take After You’ve Been Injured at Work
Every seven seconds someone sustains an injury in the workplace. This stat, coming from the National Safety Council, illustrates how important proper workplace safety is. And yet despite increasing safety measures, workers are still injured each and every day. What should you do if it happens to you? Read ...
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Worker’s Comp Denied? Here’s What to Do Next
Oct 11, 2018 In Workers' Comp - Workplace Injury By
Over 150 Americans are killed per day due to work-related causes. Another 3.8 million suffer from work-related injuries or diseases each year. Unfortunately, even if a working environment clearly led to an injury, some businesses are reluctant to provide workers’ compensation benefits. If you recently had your workers comp ...
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Why Should You Hire a Workplace Injury Lawyer?
Have you suffered an injury at work? It’s surprisingly common. In fact, there were almost 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses reported by employees in the US last year. If it happens to you, you could find yourself in a legal battle with your employer. You may not know whether you ...
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