What Are the Most Common DBA Workplace Accidents?

What Are the Most Common DBA Workplace Accidents?

Jun 22, 2023 | Defense Base Act, PTSD, Workplace Injury

The Defense Base Act (DBA) passed in 1941, and has dictated how worker’s compensation claims are handled on military bases and similar projects.

Understanding DBA claims will help you figure out how to address workplace accidents as they come along. These tips will help you when you’re interested in getting legal help for your workplace accident on your terms.

Injuries From Falls

Falling and hurting yourself is one of the most common DBA injuries that people deal with on work sites. These work sites are often dangerous and contractors are working from tall heights.

When they fall, it can create a significant amount of injuries to the back, neck, cranium, and other areas. Falls are also common due to fluid leaks and wet surfaces.

Hiring a Defense Base Act (DBA) lawyer will assist you with your claim. These DBA injuries can have lengthy healing times that involve physical therapy and other forms of recovery.

PTSD and Psyche-Related Injuries

When you’re working on a military base or related work site, developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is commonplace. These sites are also often high-stress and can create some long-term psychological damage and distress.

You will need the help of a skilled DBA lawyer for these cases. They are more difficult to prove since you can’t gauge this level of damage on the surface. Not only is this stress and psychological damage internal, but it may take extensive therapy to unpack everything and to create healing.

You may also need medication for your PTSD, depression, and other issues. Document every aspect of your mental trauma to make sure you’re building a worthwhile and provable case.

Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

Military bases and industrial plants also often lead to chemical exposure issues. When you are breathing in fumes and otherwise coming in contact with toxic chemicals, you might deal with significant injuries and damages.

This could lead to hospitalization and lingering issues that might not even show up until years later. There are often class action cases filed due to chemical exposure.

Understanding this aspect of DBA injury claims will help you reverse engineer and document the times you can remember that you may have been exposed to chemicals, along with the time when symptoms started showing up.

Injuries From Explosions

A DBA claim attorney can also assist you when you have been injured in an explosion. Contractors on these types of work sites are often dealing with combustible materials that can interact and create unexpected explosions.

When this happens, you may experience a variety of injuries, such as burns of varying degrees, chemical irritation, damaged or missing limbs, smoke inhalation, damaged hearing, and other effects. These are often life-threatening and severe injuries.

Handle Workplace Accidents

These tips will help you when you want help with any DBA workplace accidents. If you work in these environments, it’s important that you get the legal help that you need.

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