Are You Eligible for Defense Base Act Claims?

Are You Eligible for Defense Base Act Claims?

Sep 1, 2022 | Defense Base Act

Did you know that workplace injuries and illnesses cost the U.S. approximately $250 billion annually? Besides, 15% of workplace injuries in the United States of America happen in manufacturing.

Today, military operations depend almost entirely on contractors. Sometimes, the military contractor may get injured while on duty.

The military contractor may be entitled to Defense Base Act benefits in such cases. As an employee, you need to notify your insurance company immediately if you get injured.

This helps in the process of filing your Defense Base Act claims. Are you worried about being eligible for filing a DBA claim?

Learn more about Defense Base Act claims below.

Who Gets Covered Under the DBA Act?

Usually, the DBA Act doesn’t discriminate against any contactor based on nationality and job title. As long as the individual qualifies as a DBA contractor, they will be eligible for the benefits.

Defense Base Act claims often get filed by private security contractors who get injured on military bases used by America. These private security contractors include personal security specialists, static guards, and canine handlers.

Other contractors that qualify for DBA Act claims include those working on any contracts approved by the American administration. As long as your claim is legitimate and you work as a U.S. government contractor or subcontractor, you’ll enjoy the Defense Base Act coverage.

Injuries That Make up the Defense Base Act Claims

Military contractors put in a lot of hard work in risky locations. Regardless of the size of the military base, the contractor is at the same level of risk for suffering similar injuries to their military colleagues.

Your Defense Base attorney can help you file for specific or general types of injuries. Under the DBA, specific injuries occur due to a specific event.

Examples of specific injuries include amputations and traumatic brain injuries. General injuries refer to injuries that have no connection to a particular event.

These include head, shoulder, torso, hips, and neck injuries. Other examples of general injuries include post-traumatic stress disorder and lower back pain.

Consult with your DBA lawyer to know the time limits for when you can file DBA claims for specific injuries. As for general injuries, the day you come out of theatre gets considered the date of your injury.

Should You Hire a Defense Base Act Lawyer?

Typically, you can litigate your Defense Base Act claims alone. However, it’s best to hire a DBA attorney to help you get the proper representation and compensation.

Ensure you find an experienced attorney to help you through the DBA claims process. Your DBA lawyer should have at least three years of expertise handling DBA claims.

A DBA attorney will help you know the forms for your DBA claims. Besides, the lawyer will explain the rights and remedies that exist for your case.

Defense Base Act Claims

Sometimes, DBA insurance companies might want to make it hard for you to get your rightful benefits. Even though your insurer may have many tricks to limit your payments for Defense Base Act claims, never settle for less than you deserve.

Always consult your Defense Base Act attorney to help you file the claim and get what’s rightfully yours.

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