Hearing Loss Claims and the Average Payout: A Quick Guide

Hearing Loss Claims and the Average Payout: A Quick Guide

Nov 24, 2023 | Defense Base Act, Workplace Injury

Some of the most common ways to get injured on the job when working at a military base are from falls, PTSD, and exposure to toxic chemicals. However, it’s also possible to develop hearing loss due to things like heavy machinery and explosion-related injuries. 

The Defense Base Act (DBA) was specifically created as a guideline for how workers’ compensation claims are handled on military bases. If you have developed tinnitus due to your work with the military, then you are entitled to a payout.

Here’s what you need to know about the hearing loss claims average payout. 

Tinnitus Symptoms

Have you begun to develop any of the tinnitus symptoms linked to hearing loss? 

Tinnitus is mostly characterized as phantom sounds in one or both ears. In some cases, you may hear these sounds in your head even when your ears are covered. As such, they can persist while you’re trying to focus on your job and when you’re trying to sleep at night.

One of the most common ways people develop tinnitus is due to noise exposure that can damage or alter your eardrums. 

What You Need for a Hearing Loss Claim

If you’ve contracted tinnitus while doing overseas contract work, then you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. The DBA was made to cover these types of injuries that happen overseas and provide medical treatment and compensation. 

If you think you have a claim, you’ll want to first visit a doctor for an official confirmation and to establish a paper trail. Next, contact a DBA attorney who can walk you through the process. Report your injury to your work supervisor and complete all additional forms as per their instructions.

How to Handle Denied Claims

There is a chance that your claim will be denied. This can happen if you do not file a notice of injury or pursue medical assistance and get documentation. A denial can also happen if there’s something wrong with your forms. 

The rule of your DBA lawyer is to help navigate these issues and help resubmit your claim. They can also fight for your case if you’ve done everything right. 

Hearing Loss Claims Average Payout

At the bare minimum, you should expect your DBA compensation to cover the treatment of your condition. This also includes any long-term expenses such as hearing aids or cochlear implants. 

Should the tinnitus be so severe that you can’t return to work, then you’ll receive a much larger settlement. You can discuss this all with your attorney, who can give you a quick estimate of what to expect based on their past cases. 

Get Help With Your Claim

Your hearing loss claims average payout should cover all of your necessary expenses, including any emotional trauma sustained. Utilizing a DBA attorney can help increase your chances of getting compensation and avoiding a denial. 

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