4 Mistakes Texas Workers Make After Getting an On the Job Injury

4 Mistakes Texas Workers Make After Getting an On the Job Injury

Dec 21, 2018 | Workplace Injury

In 2018, Texas has had $356 Million in compensation and medical bills paid on worker’s compensation claims.

Injuries on the job are more common than you might think. But many workers don’t know what to do after they get hurt on the job. And they make mistakes that cost them valuable compensation.

That’s where we’re here to help. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 4 mistakes that Texas workers make after suffering an on the job injury.

1. They Don’t Get An Attorney

Not hiring an attorney is a costly mistake. You can represent yourself in a worker’s compensation claim, but we don’t recommend it.

Why? Because you’ll be the only one at the table who doesn’t bring representation.

The insurance company and your employer will have attorneys. You should too. An attorney helps you navigate tedious worker’s compensation laws.

2. They Don’t Report Properly

Report immediately after you’re injured. In Texas, the law states that you must report within 30 days of the injury or you risk losing your compensation.

If you’ve had minor injuries in the past, report those too. Always be clear and accurate with your doctor about the current injury and any past injuries.

Also, your employer handles filing the worker’s compensation claim. The timing of this claim is important. If your employer isn’t on the ball, you can file them yourself with online forms.

3. They Don’t See a Doctor

To keep your right to claim worker’s compensation, you must prove that you’re injured. And the only way to do that is to see the doctor.

Note, your company may have their own doctor. And they may require that you see that doctor to keep your job. But you don’t have to see the company doctor immediately.

Any doctor that takes worker’s compensation claims is okay. You may eventually need to see the company doctor too.

But it’s important to get medical attention immediately after the injury. For your own health and safety.

4. They Don’t Return to Work

Once you are able to work, you must return to work if your employer offers you a job. That’s a fact. The mistake many people make is that they turn down a job and refuse to come back to work.

If you don’t return to work, you can lose your benefits. Even if you don’t think you can perform the job duties. You must try to work to keep your claim going.

Handle Your On The Job Injury the Right Way

As a worker, you’ve got rights when you suffer an on the job injury. It’s your protection for putting your body at risk on the job. Don’t make these mistakes and risk losing your compensation.

Always seek the advice of an experienced worker’s compensation attorney. Report your injury immediately. And make sure your company files your claim right away.

Seek medical attention for your injury and abide by your company’s policy. And always return to work when you’re able.

At Barnes Law Firm, we specialize in Texas worker’s compensation claims. Contact us as soon as you’re injured. And know that you’re in good hands!