4 Critical Steps to Take After You’ve Been Injured at Work

4 Critical Steps to Take After You’ve Been Injured at Work

Nov 8, 2018 | Workers' Comp, Workplace Injury

Every seven seconds someone sustains an injury in the workplace. This stat, coming from the National Safety Council, illustrates how important proper workplace safety is.

And yet despite increasing safety measures, workers are still injured each and every day.

What should you do if it happens to you? Read on to learn the four things you must do if you’re injured at work.

1. Seek Medical Treatment

Of all workplace injuries, many, such as sprains, tears, or bone breaks, require immediate medical attention.

It may be tempting to go about your day and try to walk off the pain, especially if you don’t have insurance options.

But you should know that ignoring medical treatment will only make things worse. In fact, doing so will often exacerbate common injuries.

Pay attention to your symptoms. If you notice immediate swelling and a sharp, needle-like pain, you likely sustained a break that requires medical attention.

Likewise, if you’re bleeding at all, do not hesitate to head to the hospital. Your health is more important than finishing out the workday.

2. Contact Your Supervisor

After receiving medical care, your next step is to contact your supervisor or human resources representative. Most companies will require a written report detailing the events of the occurrence.

It’s important that you’re as specific and detailed as possible as you collect your thoughts.

Focus on specific locations and times and specify whether there were any witnesses. A corroborating report can help your credibility if you need to go to court.

Even if your company allows for a verbal statement, it’s always a good idea to submit a written portion, as well for record keeping purposes.

3. Protect Your Rights

Sustaining an injury in the workplace can be frightening, particularly if your injury requires time to heal. After all, time away from work means lost wages.

The good news is that under Texas law, you have rights, especially if you believe that safety procedures weren’t followed.

The Texas Department of Insurance website has a great list of resources to help workers understand their rights. This includes filing for worker’s comp forms which can help you secure any lost wages.

4. Contact Legal Representation

If your employer is making it difficult to file for worker’s comp, outright rejects your claim or discourages you from seeking treatment, it may become necessary to find legal representation.

Though this is a worst-case scenario circumstance, the right lawyer can help you argue your case and get the justice you deserve.

Injured at Work? Let us Fight For You

Despite an increased focus on workplace safety, hundreds of workers get injured at work each day. Aside from life-altering injuries and lost wages, these incidents can cause political strain at work that makes it difficult to fulfill your duties.

If you or someone you know are a victim of a workplace injury, Barnes Law Firm wants to hear from you.

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