What is the Jones Act and What Should a Lawyer Know About It?
Oceans cover 71% of the world’s surface area. And though the oceans aren’t inhabited as much as metropolitan areas like Houston, it’s not a lawless territory. We’re not talking about pirates scouring the high seas. We’re talking about the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, otherwise known as the Jones Act. ...
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When You Can File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit
Oct 18, 2018 In Malpractice Lawyer - Wrongful Death By
We often hear about wrongful death cases in the media. In August of this year, for example, the deceased performer Prince’s family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that certain medical professionals failed the singer in the weeks preceding his death. What, however, are the terms which ...
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Worker’s Comp Denied? Here’s What to Do Next
Oct 11, 2018 In Workers' Comp - Workplace Injury By
Over 150 Americans are killed per day due to work-related causes. Another 3.8 million suffer from work-related injuries or diseases each year. Unfortunately, even if a working environment clearly led to an injury, some businesses are reluctant to provide workers’ compensation benefits. If you recently had your workers comp ...
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4 Common Reasons You Should Hire a Medical Malpractice Lawyer
Have you or a loved one been a victim of medical errors? Medical errors are one of the leading medical malpractice causes for lawsuits. Yet, this isn’t the only medical misconduct that can end in a malpractice settlement or case. A medical malpractice claim arises when a healthcare professional ...
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