What to Know About Hearing Loss DBA Claims

What to Know About Hearing Loss DBA Claims

Jun 9, 2022 | Defense Base Act

If you’ve ever worked overseas for the Department of Defense and suffered from hearing loss, you may have a claim. Contractors who work overseas often work in loud, dangerous situations. Hearing loss is a natural byproduct of working in a loud environment.

When you come back home and retire, you want nothing more than to just melt into the background and enjoy your calm retirement. But it’s difficult to enjoy your time off if you can’t hear the laughter of your loved ones or have to constantly turn the radio and television up to hear it.

Keep reading to learn about DBA claims that can lead to adequate compensation for your hearing loss. 

Statute of Limitations On DBA Claims

DBA, or the Defense Base Act, gives individuals the opportunity to collect compensation for their losses when they’ve sustained an injury overseas while working for the Department of Defense. 

The statute of limitations extends to two years if a doctor diagnoses you with an “occupational disease” caused by your work. The statute of limitations is longer so you determine if the occupational disease impedes you more. The two-year limit begins when a doctor tells you about the relationship between your occupational disease, your employment, and your disability. 

If you do not act within that two-year time frame, your employer can deny you benefits. 

Once a doctor makes the diagnosis and connection for you, contact an experienced Defense Base Act Lawyer. The time limit applies just for disability compensation. 

If you want to make a claim for medical benefits, you have no statute of limitations. In short, if your disability prevents you from working and you want to claim disability benefits, you have two years. If you want compensation for your medical bills, you have unlimited time. 

Making DBA Claims

It’s worth noting that many individuals do not think of their hearing loss as a result of their occupation. They think of it as a normal part of aging.

However, hearing loss can and does result from an unsafe environment. All workers have rights to work in an environment that protects their hearing. High decibels of sound over a given period of time will cause long-term hearing damage.

If your employer did not protect your hearing, you have a claim. Your employer should provide protective gear. If they did not do this, they owe you proper compensation for your loss.    

When you make your claim, you need to try to pinpoint the places and times when you were exposed to harmful noise levels. This will help your attorney make a case. 

Challenges and Limitations

Insurance companies struggle to move quickly and easily with hearing loss claims. A qualified Defence Base Act attorney will understand the evidence and timeline you need to put together. 

Your insurance company has the burden to prove that you didn’t lose your hearing as a result of your company’s poor work environment. They need to prove you had a pre-existing condition. You need to prove that you had perfect hearing before your work and that your work thus caused your loss. 

Seek Help

If you suffer from hearing problems like tinnitus due to contract work overseas, you have a claim. You’re owed adequate compensation for your hearing loss. If you cannot work because of this disability, your employer owes you compensation. 

When making any DBA claims, use a qualified attorney. We have such lawyers in our practice. 

Contact us today to make your DBA claim. Our experienced, qualified attorneys will walk you through the process of making the claim and winning a case.