What Is a Defense Base Act Attorney?

What Is a Defense Base Act Attorney?

May 13, 2022 | Defense Base Act

There has been a significant uptick in Defense Base Act claims over the past year as a result of PTSD. Unfortunately, insurance companies aren’t always willing to give people the compensation they deserve, especially when it comes to psychological damage.

This is where a good Defense Base Act attorney comes in to save the day. But how do you know if you qualify for compensation under the Defense Base Act, and how can an attorney help?

Let’s talk about it.

First: What Is the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act (DBA) is an extension of the standard federal worker’s compensation program. It provides compensation to people who work for private employers in areas outside of the U.S. that are used for military purposes and on military bases.

It also covers people who work on contracts with national defense and are associated with the Foreign Assistance Act as long as they’re not on U.S. soil. 

It’s also applicable to anyone who’s subcontracting for one of these jobs and people who are offering welfare services that benefit the armed forces.

This is an incomplete list. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you qualify, it’s important to talk to a DBA lawyer. 

How Can a Defense Base Act Attorney Help You? 

When someone is covered by the Defense Base Act, it means that they’re working overseas. This means that it can be complicated to actually get compensation for injuries. 

A DBA lawyer can help you arrange medical services and advise you on how to make an appropriate statement that won’t hurt your case. Remember, adjusters work with insurance companies (that don’t want to pay out if they don’t have to). 

When you file a claim, it’s possible that it will be disputed even if you have more than enough evidence to support your case. DBA claims aren’t as straightforward as worker’s comp claims on U.S. soil. 

A DBA attorney will help you gather and organize any available evidence. This includes witness reports, photos, recordings (if appropriate), and anything else that can benefit Defense Base Act claims. 

In most cases, people won’t have to go to court. If you’re unsuccessful at getting compensation, however, it might be necessary.

In this case, you’ll definitely need a Defense Base Act attorney who has plenty of experience. A standard worker’s comp lawyer won’t be as effective.

Your lawyer will understand how to advocate for you and instruct you on how to advocate for yourself. A good DBA attorney is priceless. 

Do You Need a Defense Base Act Attorney? 

If you work for the military overseas, you’re probably covered by the Defense Base Act. When you get injured on the job, you deserve compensation and medical care. Make sure that you get it by hiring a Defense Base Act attorney.

They’ll walk you through the process and make it as painless as possible.

Are you looking for an experienced DBA attorney? Barnes Law Firm is here for you. Contact us so we can start working together as soon as possible.