What Should You Know When Choosing a Defense Base Act Attorney?

What Should You Know When Choosing a Defense Base Act Attorney?

Jan 7, 2022 | Defense Base Act

8.7 million Americans live and work outside of the US.

It’s not easy being away from home while on the job. Days feel long, and the nights feel empty. And if you’re injured while working abroad, you feel scared and alone. 

US contractors employed by the government are thankfully protected under the Defense Base Act while working abroad. If you or someone you know is contracted by the government and works abroad, having a Defense Base Act lawyer on standby is crucial. 

Below is a guide on what you should know when selecting a Defense Base Act attorney.

Look For Experience

Any civilian contractor searching for a DBA lawyer should choose an individual with experience. Defense Base Act claims aren’t common for many lawyers, and navigating the legality of the situation is tricky for those who are unfamiliar. 

An experienced DBA attorney is able to fight for maximum compensation and benefits to care for you and your family.

Ask potential lawyers for client referrals during consultation appointments. If they aren’t able to quickly provide referrals or examples of past cases, it’s best to search for another firm.

We also suggest reading through client testimonials posted on the law firm’s site and Google. Guarantee the reviews haven’t been left by paid individuals or bots. 

Choose Professional, Determined Lawyers

Finding a lawyer with the right attitude is as important as finding someone with experience. 

Professional lawyers must be confident in their skills, quick with their communication, and up-to-date with their DBA license. They should also uphold all professional expectations in communication. 

If you’re speaking with a lawyer who seems disorganized or acts as if you’ve become a burden, find a new one. And make sure they put in the hours needed to come out on top.  

Find an Accessible Lawyer

Filing a claim is a lot of back and forth between the client and the attorney. Hire a lawyer that makes themselves available to your needs and requests. 

During your consultation, inquire about the fees associated with hiring the lawyer. Clarify how accessible they are to you once you pay the fees. 

Once you hire your lawyer, ask about their preferred method of communication and any backup contact methods. Don’t be afraid to reach out during your time of working together. 

Does your case involve someone non-English speaking? Find a firm with multilingual lawyers and/or translators.

Finding a Defense Base Act Lawyer

If you’re a contracted US civilian that’s been injured overseas, it’s important to find a Defense Base Act lawyer that works with you and your family. 

Search for a lawyer with plenty of experience and trusted client testimonials. And in order to win maximum benefits in your case, you need a lawyer who’s accessible, determined, and professional. 

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