DBA Claims: How to File in Three Easy Steps

DBA Claims: How to File in Three Easy Steps

Nov 12, 2021 | Defense Base Act

Did you know the US government provides workers’ compensation protection for anyone working on a US military base overseas? If you have been injured or had an accident at one of these facilities, you will be entitled to compensation under the Defense Base Act. But how do you start the process?

A successful claim can be started in three easy steps. Read on as we discuss how to file DBA claims. 

Report the Accident

To ensure you get the DBA claim settlements you deserve, you need to follow the process from start to finish correctly. The first step in filing a DBA claim involves reporting it. This should be to your supervisor at work. 

Doing this is not just a matter of telling them. You must fill out an LS-201 form that is a legal record of the accident. Make sure to report all areas of the body that may be injured, as it could be challenged by the insurers later if it is one you have forgotten. 

Once complete, the wheels are in motion for your Defense Base Act claim. Once the employer has this form, they are legally obliged to start the process. Filing this shows that you have taken the appropriate action and gives you better standing when it comes to negotiating insurance claims.

Get Treatment and Care

When you inform your supervisor, you should then ask them if you can visit a doctor immediately. Make sure it is one you choose that is not associated with the base. This means you have an independent authority when it comes to the DBA claim. 

Despite this, if you carry on working, make sure you get checked regularly by the base medic as well. This shows you have been proactive with your injuries both in and out of the workplace. 

Do not overlook any mental injuries you may have sustained. DBA PTSD claims are just as important as physical ones and just as debilitating. If you need to get mental help after the accident, then seek out people to help you and make sure to include it in the claims. 

Record Everything for the Lawyer

At this stage, you should be keeping your own records of everything that is taking place. From medical receipts to incident reports, you should start to build a bank of evidence to back up your claim. All of this will help your attorney build a strong case. 

The steps you take in the weeks after your accident can have a huge impact on the final sum paid out. This means it is important to work with an experienced, trusted lawyer. All the paper evidence should go through them, as they will know the best way to use it to ensure you get the amount you deserve. 

Finding a Lawyer

DBA claims can be legally tricky and different from other areas of law. You should find a lawyer with experience and training in this field. This will help get you the money you deserve. 

Barnes Law Firm should be your first stop. We are one of the nation’s premier Defense Base Act lawyers, serving the US and the rest of the world. Contact us to discuss your claim and start your case today.