Government Employees Insurance: Why the Defense Base Act is Important

Government Employees Insurance: Why the Defense Base Act is Important

Mar 11, 2022 | Defense Base Act

Nearly every state in the US has mandated some form of workers’ compensation coverage by businesses for their employees. Both the military and the federal government also provide workers’ compensation benefits to employees. 

But there’s an unusual gap for civilian employees working to support the military abroad. 

The Defense Base Act insurance or government employees insurance works to protect this group of workers with this important coverage. 

Read on to learn more about the Defense Base Act and why it’s important. 

Defense Base Act Background

The Defense Base Act was created in 1941 as part of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

Its objective was to provide medical care and compensation for civilians who are employed around the globe in support of the US military or performing disaster relief. 

The U.S. Department of Labor, the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), and the Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation (DLHWC) get administered by the US Department of Labor’s 11 offices located throughout the US. 

Defense Base Act Coverage

To better understand the Defense Base Act, let’s take a look at the coverage it provides. First, it’s important to know that the coverage applies to all employees working in this capacity even if they aren’t US citizens. 

The rules for coverage must be met by a primary contractor and any subcontractors too. It’s also important for contractors to know that whether their government contract explicitly states their requirement to provide this coverage or not, they are still mandated to have it.

It’s also worth noting that the Defense Base Act requirements are in place no matter the length of the government contract. It can be a day, a month, or years. Coverage for employees is still required.

Employees should know that they have 24-hour coverage when in the “Zone of Special Danger.” They don’t have to be actively working or on duty to have the coverage provided by the Defense Base Act.

Get Help from a Defense Base Act Lawyer

You might be surprised to learn that you might want or even need a DBA lawyer. Like regular workers’ compensation, DBA claims are approved or not approved by an insurer. 

If you have a DBA claim already filed or need to file one, it’s smart to get the help of a DBA attorney.

An attorney who specializes in this type of case can help you to make sure you get the benefits you deserve. The more quickly the Defense Base Act attorney can get involved with your case, the more protection you have in getting the care and compensation needed. 

The Defense Base Act Providing Government Employees Insurance

The Defense Base Act provides important government employees insurance that acts like workers’ compensation for workers supporting the US military.  Both medical coverage and compensation provide important protections for this group of workers. 

If you need help with your Defense Base Act claims, we can assist you. We specialize in handling DBA claims. Contact us today to set up a free consultation about your case.