Tips for Working With a DBA Lawyer

Tips for Working With a DBA Lawyer

Jun 11, 2021 | Defense Base Act

When a soldier gets injured, they receive the Purple Heart. When a military contractor gets injured, they may receive nothing. 

The only way for you to get the compensation you deserve is by filing a DBA claim. More than 15,000 people filed claims during the fiscal year of 2020. But less than half of these claims led to compensation. 

What are the qualities of successful claims? How important is working well with a DBA lawyer? What are some tips for smooth work that you should follow? 

Answer these questions and you can start formulating your successful DBA claim. Here is your quick guide. 

What Successful Claims Have 

Successful claims have a few things in common. They are well-substantiated. The person filing the claim has documentation, including medical records and witness statements. 

They have legal representation asserting the claim. It is possible to file a DBA claim on your own. But a lawyer will look over your work and make sure everything is accurate, increasing your chance of success. 

They have committed plaintiffs. The plaintiffs take time filing all their paperwork and waiting for a result. It may take months for your claim to be processed, so you must be patient. 

Before you meet with your attorney, gather all documents to corroborate your claim. Do some research and look at a few different attorneys with a specialty in DBA claims.

Get some help if you have signs of PTSD or another serious medical condition. You can seek counseling while pursuing your claim. 

Etiquette With Your DBA Lawyer

Every lawyer is different, so etiquette depends on the one you hire. Have a conversation with them and get a good understanding of their personality. If they seem informal, you can be a little informal yourself. 

Most lawyers are professional and courteous. When you meet with your lawyer, dress in business casual attire at a minimum. You don’t need to dress in a suit, but you should look nice. 

Be frank with your lawyer. They can only help you if you provide full details about what happened and what your health is like. 

Keep in mind that what you tell your attorney is confidential. They cannot disclose personal or embarrassing information unless you consent for them to do so. 

Use them as a resource while you are preparing your claim. If you are confused, ask questions. It is okay to send your lawyer an email or text message if they say they can be contacted that way. 

Find the Right DBA Lawyer 

You deserve care if you got hurt on a military base. A DBA claim can get you that care. 

Successful claims are well-substantiated with authentic records. They have experienced attorneys processing them. The people filing the claims are patient and willing to work with you. 

You should have all of these qualities. You should also develop a good rapport with your DBA lawyer.

Dress professionally and be open with your lawyer about what you know. Use them as a legal resource. 

Find one with expertise in the DBA. The Barnes Law Firm serves clients throughout the country. Contact us today.