The Most Common Workplace Injuries Sustained by Longshore Workers

The Most Common Workplace Injuries Sustained by Longshore Workers

Mar 28, 2020 | Workplace Injury

To help man their ships, the U.S. Navy currently has nearly 300,000 civilians employed. If you’re among them, you need to understand your rights.

As you’ll see, fractures and head injuries are among the most common workplace injuries for longshoremen. Understanding what these are and how the law can protect you are essential for ensuring you get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Keep reading to learn more about seaman workplace injuries and accidents.

1. Fractures

While there are several types, a fracture is any type of break in the bone. Often, fractures occur because of a slip or fall accident. This is because it takes a great deal of force to break a bone which can be accomplished when you fall the wrong way.

2. Dislocations

A dislocation happens when half of a joint is no longer seated in the other half as it should be. These can occur during falls but also happen because of any physical trauma to a joint.

Shoulders and fingers are some of the most commonly dislocated joints, but it can technically happen anywhere two or more bones meet.

3. Torn Ligaments or Tendons

Sometimes during a dislocation, the tendons and ligaments that are part of the joint can be torn. This can also happen outside of a dislocation during any trauma to the joint.

4. Amputations

An amputation is described as the removal of any part of the body. Although we most commonly think of amputations being medical, they can also happen as a result of an accident.

On the sea, there is an unfortunate number of opportunities to get your finger or hand caught in something strong enough to remove it. This can often result in the loss of work if you’re unable to do your job after an amputation.

5. Head Injuries

Another type of injury that’s both common in seamen and potentially among the worst is a head injury. These can cause damage to the brain which can then result in dizziness, memory loss, and other severe problems.

How Workplace Injuries Occur

There are many ways each of these types of injury could occur. However, all injuries can fall under two main categories: preventable accidents and non-preventable accidents.

An accident is determined to have been non-preventable or unavoidable if all safety procedures were being followed on the ship.

However, preventable accidents are ones that occur because the working environment was dangerous as a result of the carelessness of your employer. If you have been the victim of a preventable workplace accident, you should be compensated.

Have You Suffered from One of These Most Common Workplace Injuries?

Now you know some of the most common workplace injuries faced by longshore workers and other seamen. You also learned the difference between a preventable and unavoidable accident.

If you’ve suffered from one of these workplace accidents and believe you aren’t getting the compensation you deserve, contact us today. We would be more than happy to take a look at your case and discuss it with you in a free consultation.