The DBA Claims Process: Everything You Need To Do

The DBA Claims Process: Everything You Need To Do

Dec 16, 2022 | Defense Base Act

World War II brought many changes to the United States and the world, including the Defense Base Act (DBA) of 1941. Knowing how this act affects the law and work relations today will help you protect your rights. 

There are some personal injury lawyers you can work with that specialize in Defense Base Act claims. So, what should you know about this area of law? We’re happy to explain. 

These tips will help you get to know DBA claims to the fullest. 

Understand the Defense Base Act (DBA)

For starters, ensure you understand the Defense Base Act (DBA) so you know whether you have a case. This is an act that makes sure you’re fully compensated for missed income if you get hurt working for the government overseas. 

Workers are protected by the Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act and have the right to file a claim. Understanding the Defense Act will allow you to file your claim correctly and on time. 

What to Know About DBA Claims

You’ll need the help of a personal injury lawyer that can take on your case. But first, it’s important to understand how these overseas workers’ compensation claims are handled. 

For starters, you need to see the doctor to get treatment and a diagnosis for your injuries. Report your injuries to your commanding officer or other authority, along with Human Resources (HR). Put together all of the documentation that you need to prove your injuries and get the process started. 

How to Hire a Defense Base Act Lawyer

Look for the help of some professionals that can help you if you need it. These are personal injury lawyers that can verify the facts of your case and make sure you’re collecting the evidence that you need. 

Get some verified references from other soldiers or government employees you know who have had to file a DBA claim in the past and used a lawyer to help them. Check out their reviews and make certain that the lawyer you’re looking for is licensed and Bar certified. 

When getting to know the ins and outs of DBA Claims, make sure you also know how payment arrangements are made. Clients typically pay contingency fees, which is money paid from your settlement on the back end. Schedule a consultation with a law firm so you can ask all of your important questions. 

Have the DBA attorney explain their strategy for helping you so that you can push the case along and get the full compensation needed as you heal. 

Work With a Professional Defense Base Act Attorney

Consider these points when you’re dealing with DBA claims of any kind. Understanding your rights is your first step. The next step is to make sure you hire the help of some lawyers that can assist you. 

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