Non-Combat Military Jobs: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Non-Combat Military Jobs: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Nov 10, 2023 | Defense Base Act, Workers' Comp

One of the biggest myths about the US military is that military jobs have little relation to the civilian world. The idea is that soldiers will come home with zero skills training or experience in their chosen career. In reality, about 80% of all jobs in the military are non-combat occupations. 

Choosing to go into the military doesn’t have to mean that you’ll see combat or that you’re putting your life at risk. The truth is that the military needs people of all skill levels in all kinds of positions. 

Here are some non-combat military jobs to consider and why you may want to join up.

Types of Non-Combat Military Jobs

Joining the military doesn’t mean you’ll become a soldier who has to wield a firearm every day. In fact, those soldiers require an extensive support network of non-combat military workers. 

Some of these positions include clinical lab scientists, communications specialists, engineers, and even psychologists. You can easily transition into these careers from your current job or even get an education while you’re in the military to qualify for them. 

Benefits of Non-Combat Military Jobs

One of the biggest benefits of pursuing jobs in the military is the Defense Base Act. This Act outlines how citizens can pursue workers’ compensation when employed at a military base overseas. You don’t have to worry about not having coverage for your injuries or supporting your loved ones in the case of your death. 

At the same time, a non-military job is one of the safest options if you want to support your country’s military. They rarely ever see the front lines, and your job won’t be much different than a similar position in the States. 

When you do decide to leave your military job, you should find it easy to transition into a similar position back home. Employers look fondly at civilian employees and the experience they bring with them. 

Factors to Consider

There are some negatives to consider regarding a job at a military base.

First of all, not all military bases are in places with low risk. You may find yourself stationed somewhere with higher activity than others. Alternatively, you could end up somewhere very cozy that has little action. 

Secondly, DBA insurance only protects military contractors who are working at an overseas military base. That means you’ll likely end up spending months outside of the country away from your friends and family. 

Finally, your job placement could change very quickly. Don’t expect to keep a cushy position for years at a time. 

Protect Your DBA Claim

The biggest benefit of working a non-combat military job is that you won’t put yourself in the line of fire. However, there’s always the chance that you get injured on the job. In that case, you can put in a workers’ compensation claim to get your benefits. 

If your employer denies your claim, then you can reach out to Barnes Law Firm. Our services cover accidental personal injury, workers’ compensation, DBA legal issues, and more. Contact us to set up an appointment for a free consultation.