Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Apr 21, 2019 | Automobile Accident

When it comes to traffic deaths, motorcyclists are 28 more times likely to die than a passenger car occupant. 

Although the rate of motorcycle deaths have dropped a few percentage points in recent years, there are still thousands of deaths and even more injuries every year.

When injured, many motorcyclists decide to pursue financial damages via a personal injury suit. Such suits are more likely to end with a motorcycle accident settlement than a trial.

But those settlements can be hard to understand. Keep reading for what you need to know about the factors at play in motorcycle injury settlements.

Who’s At Fault?

Fault is not always easy to decipher. But in a car vs. motorcycle accident, the former is more likely to be responsible than the latter. 

Many people view motorcyclists as inherently reckless and irresponsible. But research from the Florida Department of Transportation discovered problems with that assumption. The study found that 60 percent of the time, the passenger vehicle is to blame. In many situations, the driver of a passenger car fails to yield to a motorcyclist. 

Motorcycle accident compensation amounts will be bigger if there’s hard evidence. For example, red light camera footage of a pickup truck running a red light right before the crash would be very valuable.  

Type and Nature of Injuries 

If you’re riding a motorcycle and get hurt, you’ll need proof of those injuries. That proof can come in the form of medical bills and records you give to your attorney.

What if you don’t immediately get treatment after the accident? Unfortunately, that complicates things.

You may have good reasons for refusing to get in an ambulance at the scene. Ambulance rides can be expensive. But to a jury, that refusal may make it seem like you weren’t really hurt.

It may not seem fair, but it’s the way the system works. Your case will be much stronger if you seek medical treatment immediately.

That way, there can be a doubt that the accident caused your injuries, not something else. 

Willingness to Negotiate

The majority of motorcycle injury claims get settled before reaching trial. There are a couple of good reasons for that.

The other party’s insurance company is often eager to avoid a lengthy trial. They’d rather give you money to go away.

It’s not an easy choice. A guaranteed offer of money is nice, but there’s always a chance you can go back and ask for more. 

Of course, there’s also a chance that the other side will pull their offer and seek a trial. 

That’s why it’s vital that you hire a lawyer with a long history of working on motorcycle accident claims. They can tell if you the settlement offer is great, insulting, or somewhere in between.

Your Motorcycle Accident Settlement 

The average motorcycle accident depends on the above factors and more. Your motorcycle accident settlement may look very different from seemingly similar cases.

These things can be hard to predict. But hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer gives you a much better chance of success. 

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