How Does a DBA Lawyer Protect Civilian Employees?

How Does a DBA Lawyer Protect Civilian Employees?

Jul 20, 2023 | Defense Base Act

If you’re a civilian contractor working alongside the US Armed Forces, you have a lot of benefits. One of them being Defense Base Act coverage. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from or where you live.

It’s important to know that insurance companies can try to deny you medical care and compensation if you’re injured. You’ll need a DBA lawyer to help with your Defense Base Act claims when this happens.

Before you fly to another country to work as a contractor for the US military, ask your employer if they cover you with DBA insurance. It’s most likely a large insurance provider that handles claims worldwide.

Educate yourself before you leave the US. Here are some tips and info on how a Defense Base Act lawyer can help you get your claims paid if you’re injured working overseas.

What Is a DBA Lawyer?

A Defense Base Act lawyer is an attorney who represents injured workers covered under the Defense Base Act. In some cases, we can help with claims. In more complicated cases, we can represent you in a DBA lawsuit after a claim is denied.

Under the Defense Base Act, there are no legal fees for injured workers who hire a DBA lawyer. The dba lawyer does not ask for a certain amount of the settlement. Your employer’s insurance company pays the legal fees under the DBA law.

Protect Your Rights

A Defense Base Act attorney will protect your rights when you file a DBA claim. You’re entitled to compensation for the following medical expenses:

  1. lost wages
  2. future medical costs
  3. past medical expenses
  4. disability pay

If a civilian defense contractor dies from their injuries, the DBA lawyer will assist the eligible survivor in receiving available death benefits.

Ensure You Receive Medical Treatment

The cost of medical care for your injuries should not be a factor in determining what treatment you need or deserve. Your DBA attorney should aggressively fight for your right to receive the medical care you deserve.

The DBA insurance carrier covers the cost of medical transport and/or medical repatriation when required.

Secure the Best Settlement

DBA claims close when injured contractors reach the point where they’re at maximum medical improvement. That means they’re at the point where their medical condition is not likely to get any better. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula to calculate how much your lump sum DBA settlement should be.

Since the DBA doesn’t usually cover pain and suffering, you need to make sure your settlement is enough to cover future care and living expenses. The insurance company will do its best to pay the least settlement possible.

Have You Been Injured?

An experienced DBA lawyer will ensure you receive the care and compensation promised when you sign on to work for the military overseas.

Learn how Barnes Law Firm can assist you in obtaining the most out of your DBA settlement. Contact us online or give us a call at 888.661.4002.