How Can a DBA Lawyer Help You Increase Your Settlement Amount?

How Can a DBA Lawyer Help You Increase Your Settlement Amount?

Jun 15, 2023 | Defense Base Act

Have you ever wondered how workplace injuries get handled when employees work outside the United States? What if you’re a contracted employee working for the government?

The United States hires thousands of contractors on military installations worldwide. If you’re a civilian working outside the US, the Defense Base Act gives you workers’ compensation-like protection. It covers you if you’re on a US military base, working on public works, or on a national defense contract with the US government.

Are you an injured government contract worker? Keep reading to learn how DBA lawyers can help you increase your settlement amount.

How to Get a Better Settlement Amount

In reality, getting the DBA compensation you deserve will end in a legal battle. It’s best to consult a DBA lawyer before leaving the country to get medical care in the US or sign any paperwork. Your attorney will advise you of the following steps to take.

  • Take your medical records
  • Keep all accident-related emails
  • Print-out pay records for the past year
  • Don’t provide a recorded statement
  • Photograph the scene
  • Get witnesses’ contact information

All of this information will assist the DBA lawyer in building your case.

What is a Fair DBA Settlement Amount?

When you work for the US State Department or military overseas, you’re exposed to dangerous conditions that can lead to injuries. That’s why they created the DBA to protect you and your DBA compensation.

Pain and suffering are not covered under DBA claims. Therefore, you won’t receive compensation. You’ll need to focus on the financial losses caused by your work injury or PTSD.

The DBA settlement calculator will include the following expenses:

  • Medical Expenses
    • paid and unpaid
  • Lost DBA wages
    • past and future
  • Future medical expenses
  • Total or prolonged disability
  • Your ability to work

A DBA claim can take a long time, so it’s crucial that you understand what you can and cannot claim. It’s also why you need a DBA lawyer.

Choose a Doctor

When you get hurt in an accident, you’re entitled to free medical care under the DBA. The person who’s most important to you isn’t your DBA lawyer. It’s your doctor.

You have the right to choose a doctor, not one provided by the insurance company. Doctors selected by the insurance company may work in their favor, not yours.

Look for doctors who have been certified and have lots of experience in the type of injuries you have sustained.

Also, if the doctor has cleared you to return to work, you can do so. Follow their restrictions and always keep your appointments.

Let’s Talk!

Many DBA claims are settled in court. Each claim is different so you need a qualified lawyer to represent you in court. An experienced lawyer knows the various steps you need to take to get the best DBA settlement amount.

Don’t leave the money you deserve on the table. Get compensated for your injuries and lost wages.

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