Hiring a DBA Lawyer for Overseas Incidents: What You Should Know

Hiring a DBA Lawyer for Overseas Incidents: What You Should Know

Jan 11, 2024 | Defense Base Act

Did you know that American federal workers have positions in over 160 countries abroad? Whether through the military or federal contracting, the global reach of the United States is astonishing.

If you qualify under the Defense Base Act, then there is a good chance you need a DBA lawyer. Here are some tips for how to hire a DBA lawyer, and when you might want to work with one.

The Defense Base Act

The Defence Base Act is legislation that covers overseas workers who operate under the federal government. If you work on an overseas military base, support the US Armed Forces, or work with a federal contractor, you are likely covered by the DBA.

If something happens to you while working in a foreign country, the Defense Base Act can help you obtain disability and medical benefits in the event of something like a maritime injury. It can even ensure your family receives death benefits in the worst-case scenario, so they are taken care of.

What Qualifies for a DBA Claim?

Many of the benefits from the Defense Base Act are similar to those you would receive from a workers’ compensation claim. However, one key difference is that you can receive benefits even if you were not actively working when the incident occurred.

As long as you fall under one of the below requirements, you should find a DBA lawyer immediately and see if you can receive compensation:

  • Overseas work with a federal contractor for national defense or war purposes
  • Private employment on any US military land or international military base
  • Employment with organizations that provide support to overseas military
  • Employment abroad for any US government agencies

Consider Legal Aid

The process of finding out if you qualify for a DBA claim can be complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. This is where it may be worth it to hire an experienced DBA lawyer, rather than doing the research yourself.

DBA lawyers will know how to navigate every step of the process to ensure it goes smoothly. They can negotiate with insurance companies, file your legal claim, and assist you with your court case, whether you choose to go to trial or settle outside of court.

If the affected party is deceased, DBA lawyers will work to ensure that his or her family is taken care of and receives financial compensation promptly.

Hire a DBA Lawyer Today

If you feel like you might have a case under the Defense Base Act, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Using this guide, you can determine if you need an experienced DBA lawyer for your situation.

Barnes Law Firm is here to help. With extensive expertise in the areas of maritime law, Defense Base Act claims, and personal injury, we are qualified to take on any legal issues you may have.

Are you ready to begin your legal journey? Act as soon as possible if you think you are covered under the Defense Base Act, and contact us today to schedule a free consultation.