Exploring the Benefits and Limitations of Defense Base Act Coverage

Exploring the Benefits and Limitations of Defense Base Act Coverage

Nov 3, 2023 | Defense Base Act

Many workers join the military as civilian contractors as a way to support their troops without putting themselves on the front line. However, there’s always some level of risk when you work on a military base overseas. You could suffer from overuse strain, blast injuries, or worse. 

The good thing is any injuries sustained on a military base overseas are covered by Defense Base Act coverage. Like normal workers’ compensation, you get protection if you’re hurt on the job. This also applies to anyone who returns home from overseas with an injury. 

Here are some of the benefits and limitations of the Defense Base Act. 

What is Defense Base Act Coverage?

The Defense Base Act was created to protect civilians working outside of the United States for the military. It also applies to employees at US embassies or other positions related to the US government. 

Like with workers’ compensation, you can use any doctor you choose. You can also hire a Defense Base Act attorney if you need help navigating the claim process.

DBA insurance covers medical expenses, disability-related costs, and death benefits. It also recognizes both physical and mental health disorders resulting from your work overseas. 

Benefits of DBA Coverage

The first main benefit of DBA insurance is you get coverage for your disabilities. That includes both permanent and temporary disabilities. 

If you no longer have the ability to do your job, then that counts as a permanent total disability. Anyone who needs to recover and rehabilitate also has coverage during that period of time. 

If you start to display PTSD symptoms after you return home, you may qualify for DBA coverage. This is true for anyone who suffers from PTSD as a direct result of their work overseas. 

Finally, your family members back home will receive death benefits of up to your average monthly wage plus 2/3 of your monthly salary every month. 

Limitations of DBA Coverage

There are some limitations to your coverage, though. 

Insurance requirements state there is a one-year statute of limitations if you file with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program. The longer you wait after an injury, the more difficult it will be to prove the cause. 

However, you will have up to two years to file your claim if your doctor diagnoses you with “occupation disease” caused by employment. 

If your claim is denied, then you should reach out to your defense base act attorney to appeal that denial.

Get Help With Your Financial Support

Defense Base Act coverage is a great way to ensure your family is supported in the case of a debilitating injury on the job. However, you’ll still need to jump through hoops like any other workers’ compensation claim. Lucky for you, there are experts ready to help make it much easier. 

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