Filing a DBA Claim: What Not to Do

Filing a DBA Claim: What Not to Do

Sep 18, 2020 | Defense Base Act

Life on military bases comes with its own set of challenges. To accommodate that, there are special protections for personnel and their families. One of these protections is the Defense Base Act (DBA).

This act is designed to help cover medical treatment for employees and contractors on military bases. It’s a great tool. But as with any other kind of claim, there is a right and a wrong way to file a DBA claim.

Here, we’re going to discuss some of the common mistakes to avoid in making a DBA claim.

How Not to File a DBA Claim

There are several reasons your DBA claim might be delayed or denied outright. Some of these may be a result of your actions immediately following your injury.

For example, many people speak to an insurance adjuster shortly after being injured on the job. Sometimes they even do this before filing their claim. This isn’t necessary. In the overwhelming majority of cases, you will not be required to make a statement. Making one is often a mistake, as the insurance adjusters can and usually will attempt to use it against you in your claim.

Similarly, giving the insurance agency full access to your medical history may seem like a good idea. But in reality, it’s important to maintain your privacy. When dealing with insurance for your claim, only give them access to records that are relevant to your present injury. As with making a statement, information if your medical records may be used against you.

There are other reasons you may have issues with your DBA claim. These may not have to do with your actions during the claim. There are issues that may be a result of circumstances around your injury.

For example, a DBA claim must be proven beyond a doubt to have occurred as a result of your duties on base. If it isn’t clear your injury occurred on the job, your claim may be seriously reduced or denied outright.

Similarly, if your injury is found not to require medical attention, your claim can likely be denied. If this is the case, but you still feel you require treatment, review the details of your claim. You may not have adequately described your injury. Similarly, if you can still work despite your injury, your claim may be denied.

Take Care When Filing a DBA Claim

Used correctly, the Defense Base Act is an excellent tool for covering your injuries and expenses while working on a military base. But as with any coverage, filing a DBA claim has procedures that need to be followed.

If you file your claim correctly, you shouldn’t have any issues. But you have to be aware when filing a claim. The next time you make a claim, be sure to take care and review the details carefully. If you do, your claim should go off without a hitch.

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