Defense Base Act Settlements: How a Defense Base Act Attorney Can Help

Defense Base Act Settlements: How a Defense Base Act Attorney Can Help

Jul 21, 2019 | Defense Base Act

The Federal government passed a Defense Base Act (DBA) aimed at protecting you and your income as you work abroad for the United States State Department or military.

While working abroad as a contractor, you’re subject to hazardous conditions that make you exposed to injuries. That’s where the DBA comes in – to protect your income.

The Act also provides workers’ compensation to offset medical costs. However, to be compensated, you need to file a DBA claim, and a lot of time and paperwork are required to do this.

But involving a Defense Base Act attorney can make this entire process hassle-free.

Below are the facets of what a fair DBA settlement entails and how an attorney helps in attaining one.

What the Settlement Process Entails

When the time to settle a defense claim comes, you may undercut yourself, as you might not know the difference between an inappropriate and appropriate offer.

Often, we think it’s not necessary to ask for a huge amount of money during an unknown situation, such as settlement negotiations. That’s why you will want to work with a DBA lawyer if you’d like to receive the highest compensation for your claim.

If you suffer injuries or have PTSD while working and the Defense Base Act covers you, then you should file the Defense Base Act claim.

Typically, making this claim can be complicated, as you have to put together medical reports and other relevant documents, hit deadlines, and file with both the Department of Labor and your employer.

Additionally, there’s a settlement process that requires you to engage with your employer as well as the employer’s insurer.

After reaching a settlement with the insurance company, the Department of Labor should approve it so you can get your money. This is essential, as the Department of Labor wants to ensure the settlement is just and fair for you.

When negotiating with your employer’s insurance company, you may start wondering about a lot of details.

  • How much can I ask for?
  • What figure is considered appropriate or inappropriate?
  • What’s regarded as fair?
  • So, how do you arrive at a fair settlement?
  • Is there a PTSD compensation calculator for it?

Calculating Defense Base Act Settlements

The DBA doesn’t compensate workers for their “pain and suffering,” which is why you need to concentrate on the financial losses that result from your work injuries or PTSD.

The insurer will attempt to keep the benefits low so you should compute a fair settlement before negotiations so you don’t end up undercutting yourself.

Therefore, ensure you use the following factors to determine the result of the Defense Base Act settlement calculator:

  • Medical costs, unpaid and paid
  • Lost wages both in the past and future
  • Medical costs you’ll incur in the future
  • Compensation for total or prolonged disability, and your capability to work

A Defense Base Act Attorney Can Help

As an overseas contractor, you might encounter workplace injuries or even suffer PTSD due to various circumstances. When this happens and you have a DBA cover, you’re eligible for compensation from your employer.

However, the process of receiving fair Defense Base Act PTSD settlements is far from smooth. The amount of paperwork required and negotiation with your employer’s insurance company can be overwhelming.

Most people usually give up and lose the settlement altogether. Those who do it on their own often receive unfair settlements that leave them suffering for a better part of their lives.

Make the entire process painless by involving a Defense Base Act attorney.

Contact us today for a fair and fruitful settlement.