Defense Base Act Attorneys: When to Hire Them

Defense Base Act Attorneys: When to Hire Them

Dec 18, 2020 | Defense Base Act

Over 39 million people per year in the US visit a physician due to unintentional injuries. 

Thousands of injuries happen each day all around the nation. While many injuries do occur within the continental United States, there are additional injuries happening on international US military bases that many people forget about.

What happens when US civilians are injured on those global bases? These types of workers’ compensation situations become a bit trickier. 

This is where Defense Base Act attorneys step in! Keep reading below to learn more about DBA attorneys and when you should hire one.

What is the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act is an extension of workers’ compensation that provides coverage for US civilians working under contract on military bases outside of the continental United States. 

No matter if it’s a slip and fall or a bump to the head, injured workers on international bases can have comfort knowing the DBA has their back. The DBA also covers cases of PTSD developed by employees on these bases.

When Do I Hire a Defense Base Act Attorney?

Employers, such as private companies with operations on a military base outside the US, should provide DBA insurance for civilian employees. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may try to deny small claims filed by these civilian workers after injury.

This is exactly when you’ll want to hire a Defense Base Act Attorney. A DBA attorney with plenty of experience will know exactly how to represent you and work against deceiving insurance companies.

A good DBA attorney will not only guarantee you your benefits; they’ll also fight for maximum compensation. You’ll be able to sleep well, knowing you weren’t shorted any money or medical benefits.

In many cases, you can even contact a DBA lawyer if a previous health condition has worsened due to the working conditions on the base. 

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Injured Overseas?

Before contacting a DBA attorney, make sure your injury has been properly reported to your employer. Keep and make copies of any and all documentation that proves your case, such as doctor’s notes. 

Once you’ve done all that you can, contact a DBA attorney. Provide them with the entire truth and all documentation you saved from the injury and doctor’s visit(s).

You can find a reputable attorney by hopping online and doing a little research. Look at reviews and client testimonials. If you aren’t finding anything, reach out to fellow coworkers to see if they’d be able to help refer you.

DBA Attorneys Are Here to Help

If you’re a contracted worker overseas and feel like an employer or insurance agency is playing games with you after an injury, make sure to contact us immediately. We’re here to help!

The Defense Base Act is an extension of workers’ compensation protecting those that are contracted US employees working on military bases overseas. Covered injuries include back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, and PTSD.

Are you personally in need of a DBA attorney? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us for help.