Benefits of Hiring a Defense Base Act Lawyer in 2021

Benefits of Hiring a Defense Base Act Lawyer in 2021

Nov 5, 2021 | Defense Base Act

Congress created the defense base Act in 1941 as an extension of the previous amended bill. This act is special in that its sole purpose is to protect people in the defense services.

A defense base Act lawyer is essential for anyone providing military services outside the state’s border. Besides, people working under contract with the government ought to hire a defense base Act attorney.

After the sacrifices you make, it’s only fair that you receive equal compensation. Read through this article to understand the benefits you stand to enjoy if you hire a defense base act attorney.

1. Claim Full Medical Benefits

The defense base act is an amendment of the workers’ Act. Therefore, defense base Act settlements cover medical benefits.

A qualified attorney will make sure that you get premium medical aid. This is one of the things that the defense base Act insists upon.

Medical benefits include doctor’s fees and prescription fees. Besides, a good defense base Act attorney will make sure that you get compensation for extra costs like mileage costs to the doctor. Moreover, they will ask the medical officer to provide an independent medical report.

2. Get Death Benefits

If you have lost a loved one to war, you can claim death benefits under the defense base Act. It will help you cover the full extent of expenses for the funeral. Besides, the best defense base Act attorney will help you get premium wages for the spouse and children.

Defense base Act settlements cover child support up to the age of 18. Further, the lawyer can get school fee support from the child up to the age of 23. This defense base Act coverage endorsement ends when the spouse remarries.

3. Compensation Benefits

When you have an injury that prevents you from working you can still get full pay for that period. The defense base Act settlement covers temporary disability. This is when you can still work but the injury is healing.

Besides, you can claim for total disability where you cannot work completely. A good defense base Act attorney will make sure that you get paid until you make a full recovery.

4. Attorney Fees

Another reason why you shouldn’t miss out on getting a good lawyer is that it’s free. Insurance laws are there to protect you.

Get a qualified lawyer to help you fight for this claim. However, when the insurance fails, you will have to pay the attorney yourself.

5. Free Training

You might need some training to get back to work after missing it for so long. Besides, your new injuries might affect the way you work. Therefore, you will need the training to resume your full capital. Your defense base Act settlement covers the training.

Hiring a Defense Base Act Lawyer

As noted above, there are numerous benefits of hiring a defense base Act lawyer. The best thing is that the defense base Act settlement covers your attorney fees. Contact us to get the best defense Act attorney in town.