Who Pays Defense Base Act Attorney Fees?

Who Pays Defense Base Act Attorney Fees?

Aug 13, 2021 | Defense Base Act

In 2015, there was a $2 billion lawsuit filed against government contractors accused of intentional DBA claim denials. DBA claims can lead to substantial payouts, but to get paid you will likely need a Defense Base Act Attorney.

If you want to get DBA claim approval or a high settlement but are concerned about legal fees, there is good news. Most likely, you will not need to pay any attorney fees directly while still receiving your full compensation.

Read on to find out how DBA attorneys charge fees while benefiting you and your claim. 

How a DBA Lawyer Calculates Cost

A Defense Base Act lawyer will track hours worked and calculate total fees based on their hourly rates. The court or district director must approve these fees if they are not charged directly to you.

The hours worked can range depending on the complexity and length of your case. It can take weeks or months to communicate with insurance companies or to wait for claim results. A DBA attorney will follow the legal process while you are responsible for submitting accurate information to them.

When You Are Not Responsible for Fees

Most of the time you will not be directly responsible for paying your attorney’s DBA fees for defense.

Usually, your employer or their insurance is legally required to pay attorney fees for Defense Base Act claims if you win. This also applies to cases where a claim is denied, undervalued, or ignored in the 30 day period following claim receipt.

If you lose, law firms will often not charge fees to you or the insurer, the financial loss is on the firm, not you. Practices like Barnes Law Firm follow this protocol for DBA claims, including lump settlements, to benefit the client.

Usually, you should not need to worry about affording a DBA lawyer and they will never take a percentage of your compensation. If a lawyer offers contingency-based defense in exchange for a percentage of your claim, then they are committing a crime. Lawyers can steal from clients, and actions like those need to be reported immediately.

When You Are Required to Pay Fees

There are some cases where you may need to pay fees to a Defense Base Act attorney. Some firms will charge clients fees if the insurance company approves the attorney’s initial claim and terms within the 30 day period. However, most lawyers will be honest about their legal fees during consultations and never surprise you with charges.

Another possible instance is if you require defense for an overpayment of your claim. Typically, most cases are for underpayment and lawyers will be able to determine if you will be required to pay fees or not.

Hire a Trusted Defense Base Act Attorney

If you have sustained an injury overseas and need an experienced Defense Base Act attorney, the defense should not cost you more than the injury.

Barnes Law Firm has been defending clients for over two decades and will never charge you a fee whether you win or lose. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and a no-cost DBA claim defense.