6 Pieces of Advice About Your DBA Claim From Your Attorney

6 Pieces of Advice About Your DBA Claim From Your Attorney

Oct 16, 2020 | Defense Base Act

Did you know that defense contractors suffer from PTSD more than military personnel? A recent online research poll found that 25% of defense contractors suffer from PTSD, while only 11-20% of military personal do.

Are you a civilian defense contractor or interpreter who’s worked overseas on military bases and in US Embassies? Have you worked for the US government under contract for public works or military defense? 

If that applies to you and you’ve had a personnel injury or are experiencing PTSD, you should look into getting a DBA Attorney. Keep reading to learn why.

DBA Attorney

If you fall into the category above you should definitely contact a Defense Base Act Attorney. They’ll not only guide you in what to do but they’ll tell you what not to do

Before you contact a Defense Base Act Lawyer here are some things you should know.

1. You Don’t Have to Be Currently Working

That’s right. If you’re deployed to a war zone and aren’t currently working you can still file a DBA claim. 

2. Notify Your Supervisor Right Away

As soon as you’re hurt or realize you might have PTSD, notify your supervisor. This is actually required by the insurer and if you don’t, your claim can be nullified. Inform them in person and by email or fax. Keep records of all of these communications. 

3. Document Everything

Document everything involving your injury or PTSD. Take pictures, jot down notes, and if you’ve already seen a therapist, document those meetings and conversations.

Leave no stone unturned. The more information you can provide, the better off you’ll be.

4. Keep Track of All Wages

Go through your records and keep track of all your wages. Your DBA Claims Lawyer will need all of this. Also, don’t forget to include any bonuses you may have received.

This will ensure you get what you’re entitled to and help you get the most money on your claim.

5. Talk to Witnesses

Gather a list of all possible witnesses to your injury or PTSD issues. Make sure you contact them right away and let them know what’s going on. You’ll need each witness’s phone number, email, and physical address. 

Make sure you do this ASAP because if you’re back in the states already it’s sometimes hard to track down everybody. The more witnesses to your injury or PTSD the better chance you’ll have for a successful claim. 

6. Choose Your Physician or Medical Care Provider

Under Defense Base Act claims you’re entitled to choose your own doctor. Don’t let the insurance company choose for you. You can choose the very best doctor in your area. Or, choose the doctor you already have. 

Get the Help You Deserve

Whether you’re a defense contractor or interpreter if you’ve been injured or have some form of PTSD after being on a base overseas or US Embassy, you’re entitled to a Defense Base Act claim. 

Don’t hesitate and contact a DBA Attorney today.