Your Guide to the Different Types of Car Accidents

Your Guide to the Different Types of Car Accidents

May 10, 2018 | Automobile Accident

One reportable car crash occurred every 57 seconds in Texas in 2016.

In the United States, road crashes cost more than $230 billion per year.

It’s safe to say that car accidents are both common and expensive. How can you be better prepared in the event of a car accident?

Check out these different types of car accidents to increase your knowledge of how and why they occur.

Types of Car Accidents

These are the most common types of automobile accidents you’ll see today.


Rear-end collisions are one of the most common types of car accidents.

They occur when one vehicle hits another vehicle from behind, regardless of how fast either vehicle was traveling. This means they can happen at very slow speeds (less than 10 MPH) or faster speeds as well.

Most times the driver whose vehicle struck the other vehicle will be at fault.

To help prevent a rear-end collision it’s important to follow proper driving procedures at all times. This includes maintaining a safe following distance, or buffer, when behind other vehicles. If driving in front of other vehicles, it’s important you brake gradually and use your turn signals appropriately.


A T-bone, or side-impact collision, occurs when one vehicle runs into the side of another vehicle.

This can happen when one vehicle is turning across a lane of oncoming traffic. Sometimes the turning car is in the wrong and sometimes the oncoming traffic is in the wrong.

Running a stop sign or trying to beat a light can often result in this type of collision.


A sideswipe occurs when the sides of two vehicles come into contact with each other.

This can happen with vehicles traveling in the same or opposite direction, or with one vehicle stationary and the other moving.

Normally, the resulting damage will be cosmetic.


A rollover occurs when a vehicle completes a roll, which may be onto the side or roof.

This can happen when a vehicle takes an abrupt turn at a high speed.

Results can include severe vehicle damage and/or loss of life or injury.

Speeding, distracted driving, and aggressive driving could lead to a rollover.


A head-on collision occurs when the front-ends of two vehicles run into each other.

This can happen if one vehicle ends up driving towards oncoming traffic.

Driving while impaired or distracted or implementing illegal driving techniques (like passing in a no-pass zone) can result in a head-on collision.

Single car

Single car accidents occur when a vehicle runs into an object that is not another vehicle. This could include buildings, trees, telephone poles, and even people.

These accidents can result from impaired or distracted driving or by not following proper driving procedures.


A pile-up occurs when multiple vehicles are involved in a car accident.

This will normally happen where high amounts of vehicles are traveling, which is usually a highway.

Pile-ups always involve other types of car accidents, like rear-end collisions and t-bones. They can result from following other vehicles too closely and impaired or distracted driving.

The Right Car Accident Lawyer

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