Your DBA Claim Was Denied: Now What?

Your DBA Claim Was Denied: Now What?

Jun 25, 2021 | Defense Base Act

You have to expect the unexpected when working as a contractor overseas. Risks and complications abound, whether you’re employed on a public works contract or in a security position. Unlike many other occupations, you also face a higher risk of injury or even death.

This reality gets exacerbated if you work in a war zone. But, of course, if something unforeseen does happen, and you need to replace income while recovering, you can always file a DBA claim. Right? 

Yes, but filing a DBA claim comes with no guarantees. And if your claim gets denied, then you need to think about what to do after a denied claim. Keep reading for next steps so that you gain access to the help you need. 

Why File a Claim

The Defense Base Act (DBA) protects your income while working for the US State Department or US military overseas. How? For starters, the DBA provides injured personnel with compensation for medical treatment through the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

However, if you decide that you’re eligible to apply for this compensation, get ready for plenty of paperwork. What’s more, you’ll need to face off against employers and insurance companies who don’t relish the idea of footing your bill.

If hurt on the job, seek immediate medical attention. Don’t buy into fears that your injuries may not be severe enough or that you’ll need to pay them out of pocket. Remember that you’ll get compensated under the DBA for any treatment needed regarding your workplace injury. 

Likewise, report your injury as soon as possible. Next, you’ll need to fill out an incident report with your supervisor. Known as an LS-201 form, this paperwork informs your employer that an incident has taken place. It also gets the ball rolling on your claim. 

Why the Claim Got Denied

But what happens if you meticulously go through the process, submit all of your paperwork, and then your DBA claim gets denied? Unfortunately, this situation has happened to many contractors, and it can have little to do with your actual claim.

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to the Defense Base Act

Often, insurance companies don’t like the amount of money they have to pay, and so they throw the ball back into your court. But the reasons your DBA claim might get denied don’t end there. 

If your injury isn’t associated with your workplace, it also represents grounds for denial. Insurance companies may also argue that your injury isn’t that bad, or they may take the tack that you can still work. 

No matter the reason, when a DBA claim is denied, It’s time to get a Defense Base Act lawyer

What to Do After a Denied Claim

If you’re one of the many who get their Defense Base Act claims denied, you owe it to yourself to seek out the assistance of a Defense Base Act attorney. A good DBA lawyer will provide you with a better understanding of your rights and the next steps you can take. 

Are you interested in finding an experienced DBA attorney? One who understands the DBA claims process inside and out and can help you take back your rights? If so, contact us today to get started.