Why You Need DBA Lawyers for a PTSD Claim

Why You Need DBA Lawyers for a PTSD Claim

May 3, 2018 | Defense Base Act, PTSD

PTSD is a serious medical issue that affects many overseas workers. These workers can have problems finding jobs when they get back due to discrimination.

If you are facing workplace discrimination due to PTSD it might be time for you to hire DBA lawyers.

Read further to see if you may have a case, and why you might need to hire a lawyer.

What is DBA

DBA is a program that is offered to workers outside of the US who work in US military or other government projects.

If you can prove that you obtained your condition from working overseas you can use the DBA insurance to file a claim.

Unfortunately, DBA insurance companies like to deny your claim if no physical damage is present, this is where your DBA lawyer comes in.

Winning Your Claim With Your DBA Lawyer

There is a series of steps when starting the process to winning your claim. Here is what the process will look like.

Prove Your Claim

First things first, you have to prove that your PTSD came from the events that occurred during your overseas work.

You will need medical documentation to support your disability claim. To win this fight you will need a very skilled attorney.

No Good Comes From Fabricating A Story

DBA judges have seen everything and heard every outrageous story out there. They will be able to tell if you are simply making up a story.

Tell every detail of your situation, exactly how it happened. You are more likely to win your case with this method.

Be Prepared For Anything and Everything

Often enough, good people are taken advantage of when putting in for a claim by a bad attorney for example.

You must be prepared for these types of situations by staying informed of DBA policies.

Always do your homework and do plenty of research for these types of situations.

How It Works

You will gain future compensation if you can prove you can no longer return to your DBA job due to your PTSD

Your new compensation will be the difference between what you were getting as a DBA worker and your new salary in light of your condition, your education, training, and what jobs are available to you in your region.

The insurance company will get something called a Labor Market survey, this shows what jobs are open and available to you.

You must make the effort by applying to all of these jobs.

Look into DBA Lawyers

All of this boils down that you will have better chances of obtaining your compensation if you have a proper DBA lawyers

It is difficult to prove PTSD to use it as a claim. Any story you have will be better with a lawyer to back you up.

For information on a proper lawyer for you, click here!