What to Do After a Car Accident That’s Your Fault

What to Do After a Car Accident That’s Your Fault

Jun 28, 2018 | Automobile Accident

Between 20 and 50 million people are injured in a car accident every year. That means car accidents are a common occurrence, but is it common for drivers to know what to do after a car accident?

Those first moments after a vehicular collision are crucial. Unfortunately, most drivers are dazed and anxious, and may not follow the correct procedure. This can seriously affect any legal case they may have later on.

For a car accident lawyer to help their client win their case, they need them to have followed the correct procedures. Without that, it’s an uphill battle.

Check out this guide on what to do after a car accident to help yourself or a loved on with their case.

Give Yourself a Moment

After a car accident, everyone gets a little emotional. Your adrenaline is running high, which is an unavoidable human response. However, you never want to handle important situations when you’re in this state.

Give yourself a moment to breathe. Use every meditative or coping skill you know to process the traumatic event that just happened. When you feel calm enough, move on to the next steps, but make sure to take your time. Remember, there is no rush.

Consider the Situation

Hopefully, you’ve separated your emotions from the event on hand. View everything from the perspective of an outsider, like a police officer or insurance agent.

If someone is injured, even if it’s you, you must call for emergency services. If there are no injuries, you still have a duty to call the police. You will need the police report for your case.

Make sure to move the involved vehicles to the side of the road, and be wary of the traffic still happening around you.

Document Everything

In 2018, everyone has a high powered camera in their pocket. Drivers in the past wish they could have had access to such easy documentation equipment.

It’s a good idea to photograph the damage to both vehicles. You can even slyly photograph the other involved party while documenting the vehicle damage. All of this is evidence that your insurance company and car accident attorney will thank you for.

Don’t forget to collect the name and insurance company of the other involved party, as well as the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Consider Your Claim

Many drivers at fault want to pay out of pocket for the accident. They worry about increasing their car insurance rates or just don’t want to be involved in the process.

The reality is that car accidents are costly, and it’s likely that you’ll be facing thousands of dollars in damages. Your insurance exists so that you don’t have to struggle to pay this out of pocket.

Do You Know What to Do After a Car Accident?

With this guide, you know the individual steps for what to do after a car accident. Still, however, it’s necessary to get some help from the professionals.

At Barnes Law Firm, we aggressively protect the rights of Texans and assist them through someone the most stressful times of their lives. If you’re found at fault for a car accident, give us a call.