What Government Contractors Should Expect in the Midst of Coronavirus

What Government Contractors Should Expect in the Midst of Coronavirus

May 7, 2020 | Defense Base Act

COVID-19 has shut down the economy. People are out of work and desperately looking for jobs to pay for basic necessities such as rent and food. 

Everyone is affected by COVID-19, especially government contractors who often work with businesses to stay employed. 

Like other employees, contractors need to know what to expect during the government shut down that has been attempting to bend the curve of COVID-19.

If you’re a government contractor and want to know what you should do to prepare during this economic crisis, here’s a guide that can help. Here you’ll find what to expect during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Government Contractors Should Examine Their Contracts

Many government contracts have a clause that protects them during unforeseen events. These are the events that can cause delays in work. 

These contracts also discuss what is outside of a contractor’s control. For instance, these events can be acts of God, epidemics, and quarantine restrictions.  

With other kinds of government contracts, there may be a clause that entitles the contractor to an extension of time. That means they can delay the project. However, the contractor may need to provide paperwork as sufficient proof. 

Is There a Suspension of Work? 

You may also find a suspension of work with COVID-19. What that means is that the government decides to temporarily suspend work under extenuating circumstances.  

However, if the government does decide to suspend work, you should consider pursuing some sort of funding to help you offset the time off. It’s designed to give you pay during the time off. 

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The Defense Production Act

Finally, government contractors must recognize the legitimacy of the Defense Production Act.

That means if the government decides to speed up the production of masks and other protective equipment, it means that government contractors have to comply with those requests. It means the government’s request comes first and foremost before that of the suppliers. 

If government contractors fail to comply with these orders, it could result in serious legal action. 

Ultimately, government contractors should be aware of this information to stay compliant with the government and understand their contract during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Why It’s Important to Know What Action to Take During Coronvirus Pandemic

Government contractors need to know what action to take during a pandemic. They need to know if their job is in jeopardy or if they are in the confines of their contract. 

Contractors also need to recognize that there will be exceptions to working like being able to work at home. It may mean that contractors are busier with the influx of masks and ventilators. It’s important that contractors be aware of their contract and what to do during the pandemic. 

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