What Does a Defense Base Act Lawyer Do? Read This Guide

What Does a Defense Base Act Lawyer Do? Read This Guide

Aug 6, 2020 | Defense Base Act

Working overseas on government contracts is a common occurrence for US citizens. What happens to your workers’ compensation when you work in another country? You’re not alone if you don’t understand how the Defense Base Act works. 

That’s why a Defense Base Act Lawyer can help you if you ever find yourself in a hospital bed because of a job-related accident.

Officials will instruct to file your DBA claim for total disability and think that you’ll receive your workman’s compensation benefits. But as with most governmental proceedings, nothing is ever easy. Read on to discover how a Defense Base Act lawyer can help you in these tricky situations. 

What Is a Defense Base Act Attorney? 

Defense Base Act attorneys aid in cases involving the Defense Base Act. What is the Defense Base Act? It’s an act established in 1941 protecting civilian contractors who are injured working overseas

The act itself is an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Act, but it covers explicitly anyone working for the government on US military bases. 

DBA claims are hardly ever straightforward and contain a lot of legal jargon that is difficult to understand, especially if you’re injured and worried about your health. Insurance companies can also pressure victims to settle for less than they’re entitled. 

DBAs know what compensation victims deserve, and they know how to fight for that compensation. The DBA contains many technicalities that can confuse the layperson and cause them to make mistakes in the claims process.

DBA attorneys guide the victim through the claim process, ensuring there are no missteps along the way. 

Collecting Your Benefits

After filing a claim, the informal proceedings begin. Often, these proceedings are tedious and pertain to notifications and examinations on the claim.

Regardless of how simple and mundane it may seem, it’s crucial to have a DBA attorney guide you through the process. You’re dealing with your injuries, the last thing you want to do is talk to insurance people.

Defense Base Act lawyers defend your rights and understand how to preserve justice during those tough times. 

The Benefits of a Defense Base Act Lawyer 

The benefits of a Defense Base Act lawyer far outweigh the cons. DBA lawyers walk you through the complex process of filing a DBA so that you don’t make any mistakes while communicating with the insurance companies. 

They also understand the appropriate channels to access to ensure your claim isn’t bogged down in the bureaucratic humdrum. You need your compensation now, not next month. DBA lawyers will expedite the compensation process. 

DBA lawyers also protect you from false insurance claims. The insurance company wants you to settle for less than you’re entitled to, and DBA lawyers prevent that from happening. 

Protect What You’re Entitled to Today 

If you or a loved one were involved in an on-site work accident in a different country, you need to seek legal advice. The more rooted in the process you go, the more hoops you have to jump through for justice. 

It’s better to have a trusted Defense Base Act lawyer by your side from the start. Contact us today for a free consultation to get what’s yours!