Understanding Defense Base Act Insurance Coverage

Understanding Defense Base Act Insurance Coverage

May 3, 2024 | Defense Base Act

All 50 states in this country have laws related to workers’ compensation. This form of protection helps employees receive benefits when injured on the job, but what about those injured while working on foreign soil? Even though they may be employed by an American company, that doesn’t mean they’re entitled to traditional workers’ compensation. 

In this case, a worker may have access to Defense Base Act insurance coverage. This is a type of policy that protects those who work on military bases overseas. 

Here’s what you should know about this type of insurance and if you need to call in a Defense Base Act attorney.

Defense Base Act Insurance Coverage

DBA insurance is a type of policy that the government requires for anyone working overseas on one of their military bases. The same applies to anyone working for a U.S. government contractor overseas. 

Since these employees are working outside of the United States, they don’t apply to more traditional types of insurance policies. As such, the Defense Base Act was invented to expand protection and cover these individuals. 

You can expect DBA insurance to cover a variety of ailments or injuries, ranging from physical ones to even mental health struggles. 

Finding DBA Insurance

Various insurance companies are authorized by the U.S. Department of Labor to provide DBA insurance for overseas workers. The three major insurance carriers are ACE-USA, AIG, and CNA. However, other companies offer DBA insurance such as Zurich Insurance Group and Starr Companies. 

The Department of Labor will administer the DBA insurance and ensure it meets all the legal requirements. 

Making a Claim

If you’re making a DBA insurance claim, then it’s important to report any injuries or illnesses as soon as possible. Any delay on your part may complicate the process. 

After you seek medical attention, notify your employer. They will report the injury to your insurance carrier, but the injured worker will also need to file a written claim. 

Keep any documentation you can, including information on medical treatments and correspondence with your insurance company. 

Monitor the claim’s progress and appeal it if you need to. 

Do I Need a Defense Base Act Lawyer?

You may want to hire a DBA Lawyer if there is an issue with your claim. For example, complex injury cases may take longer to process and require more extensive documentation. 

If your claim is denied, then you’ll want a DBA attorney to help you file an appeal. The same applies if your offered compensation does not match what you believe you are owed. 

Always make sure to research potential firms and check their credentials before you hire one. 

Get Your DBA Claims

Defense Base Act insurance coverage is a necessary cost for employees who work overseas on U.S. military bases. Lucky for them, the employer is the one responsible for paying premiums on the policy. 

Barnes Law Firm can help with any problems you may have with your DBA insurance claim. We also have decades of experience dealing in maritime law, workplace injuries, and personal injury cases. Contact us today to learn more and tell us about your situation.