The Dangers You Can Face While Working on a Military Base

The Dangers You Can Face While Working on a Military Base

Jul 28, 2019 | PTSD

In 2017, the Pentagon released a one-of-a-kind report on the number of sexual assaults across all U.S. military bases. The report revealed that sexual assault was more likely in Navy barracks for both men and women.

All jobs in the military carry some sort of risk a person may encounter in active duty.

Here are some of the dangers that you might face working on a military base.


Experts on mental health raise concerns about the mental health system in the military. Soldiers and Contractors need support for their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diagnosis, a mental health condition caused by shocking experiences while at war.

Sadly, the affected military personnel will often leave the service without seeking help from professionals, thus, driving many to engage in violence and/or other harmful behavior.

If affected by PTSD in the line of duty, the U.S government can compensate you according to the Defense Base Act.

2. Exposure to Toxins

Even the most active duty army bases are at the risk of contamination, for instance, Camp Lejeune. Contamination can cause a drastic deterioration in one’s health including a mutation in genes. It can even cause disabilities such as Autism in unborn children.

If you are contaminated while on an army base, you need to get compensation for the damage caused.

3. Climate Change

When it comes to Mother Nature, even the safest military bases cannot be considered 100% safe. Climate change and its effects such as floods, drought, and hurricanes cause havoc, and it can even get worse without warning.

Thousands of military personnel around the world are victims of these unforeseen weather attacks. This prompted the military to ask for emergency funds to treat affected personnel and also repair destroyed infrastructure.

4. Injury

You can endanger your body with some of the dangerous military branches such as Explosive Ordinance Disposal.

The U.S government offers Lump Settlements when a person gets injured. The settlement should provide indemnity and medical benefits for any necessary treatments.

5. Poor Living Conditions

For years, military personnel can live inside a base due to extended missions. Unfortunately, the military base will sometimes just barely reach standard housing requirements, with issues ranging from untreated pest infestations to lead and asbestos exposure.

As a result, military personnel can develop chronic illnesses that can affect them long-term, ultimately having to deal with the consequences of something they couldn’t avoid.

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