Permanent Disability vs. Temporary Disability: The Differences Explained

Permanent Disability vs. Temporary Disability: The Differences Explained

Jun 1, 2023 | Defense Base Act

According to Insurance Business Magazine, there is a surge of DBA claims. As claims increase, United States government contractors seek advice on common questions.

One such common question: what is the difference between permanent disability and temporary disability? Understanding what makes them different directly impacts disability benefits.

Keep reading to discover the distinctions between both.

What Is a Permanent Disability

Also known as long-term disability, it is an illness or injury that results in a condition where there is a permanent impairment in being able to perform your daily activities. As a result, you may not be able to compete in the job market for the remainder of your life.

Some are born with a permanent disability, and some sustain a permanent disability from an accident. There are long-term disabilities that fall under the umbrella of a permanent disability such as cancer.

Although you could recover from a long-term disability, it could take so long that it still applies as a permanent disability.

What Is a Temporary Disability

This is a disability that affects a person for a short time. You could be unable to work for days, weeks, or months. In fact, short-term disabilities can sometimes take up to a year to recover.

The disability is temporary, and the person will recover. It prohibits someone from being able to perform their daily routine such as showering, walking, helping care for children, or working. An example of a temporary disability would be a broken arm or bronchitis.

What Is the Difference?

Usually, there is a cut-off point. Often, this is one year. Workers’ compensation however may consider short-term programs that last longer than one year.

Social Security Disability can consider a patient permanently disabled for less than one year if the patient is expected to die from their disability, and they would therefore qualify for disability benefits.

What Is DBA Insurance?

Defense base act insurance provides insurance solutions to United States Government contractors so they can protect their employees and subcontractors. It covers employment-related injuries that occur outside of the United States.

Without DBA insurance, if you were to send an employee to a foreign country to perform work, even something as simple as providing translation services, if the employee gets injured, the employer would be liable. This could include the cost of evacuating employees from the country they are in, medical expenses, and more.

Defense Base Act Attorney

The most significant difference between a permanent disability and a temporary disability is how long it will take to recover. Often, the dividing line is a one-year timeline. If you need any other further clarification, especially as it relates to DBA insurance, contact Barnes Law Firm.

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