Legal Ramifications of Jones Act Shipping

Legal Ramifications of Jones Act Shipping

Apr 14, 2019 | Jones Act Lawyer

You may have heard bits and pieces about the Jones Act Shipping, but more than likely you didn’t have a chance to learn too much about it.

Even though it may not feel that it’s very important to know about this, but the Jones Act actually affects many aspects of Puerto Rico and the United States as a whole.

That being said, it makes sense that you would want to learn and understand as much as you can in order to find out what it’s all about. Luckily for you, this article has all of the information you need to be in the know about the shipping act.

The Jones Act Shipping: What It’s All About

Everything that happens legally between the United States and other countries must be done under the watchful eye of the government. When it comes to such interactions that happen overseas, the Jones Act is what regulates it.

The Jones Act is a federal law that regulates maritime commerce within the United States. In essence, the law requires that any and all goods shipped from the U.S. to other countries must be shipped on United States ships.

Specifically, when goods are shipped from America to foreign countries, the law requires that it only be done on marine craft that is built, owned and operated by United States citizens or permanent residents.

This law was put in place as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, and it actually gives a big benefit to United States workers.

The Benefits of the Act

First and foremost is the fact that only ships made by the U.S. can participate, which opens the market up exclusively to United States shipbuilders. Such a move helps to boost the overall U.S. market and helps to retain profits made.

It also gives sailors and crew more protective rights, such as the right to file over an injury sustained while on board, that they would not have if they worked on ships built by other countries.

One major problem of this act is that it tends to make things a bit difficult for those living in the U.S. States or properties that are not in the contingent area.

Companies running these U.S. ships are able to charge more for their services due to lack of outside competition. This makes goods more expensive for these non-contingent areas, and it can take longer for them to reach their destination. 

Overall, even though it could use some modifications, the act seems to hold more of a benefit for America as a whole and allows for the U.S. to hold more power in such an important sector of international business.

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