Hurt at Work: When to Hire A Workers’ Comp Attorney in Houston

Hurt at Work: When to Hire A Workers’ Comp Attorney in Houston

Nov 13, 2017 | Workers' Comp

In 2016, nearly 3 million employees in the private sector had a negative experience at their workplace where they were either injured or suffered a work-related illness.

When a tragedy occurs at work, the effects can often be recurring. Not only does the employee experience physical pain, but they can experience emotional too. Even their family can pay a high price for their work-related accident (especially if the injured or ill person is the main financial provider).

When a work-related injury or illness happens, it is necessary to hire a workers’ comp attorney in Houston to get you the compensation you deserve. Here is how we can help.

When You Should Handle the Claim Yourself

Not every claim will be as severe to where hiring a workers’ comp attorney in Houston is necessary, as it can be easier for you to handle on your own at times.

Minor injuries are not worth hiring an attorney, so if you twisted your ankle and are out of work resting for a week or two, require a few stitches, acquire an illness but do not have a pre-existing condition, or were injured but didn’t have to take any time off, you should be able to handle the claim on your own.

What Type of Injuries Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney in Houston

If your injury or illness is more severe, it is necessary to contact a workers’ comp attorney in Houston.

Physical Health-Related Complications

The most common complications that arise in the workplace are cardiovascular, digestive, and stress-related injuries. All of these can leave long-lasting complications which can make it difficult or even impossible to return to work.

Emotional Health-Related Problems

If a random act of violence in the workplace occurs or if the workplace is openly hostile, it can make the working environment toxic to you. While not all employees are injured physically, many can suffer from PTSD for years to come. When this happens, an employee can develop emotional and psychological issues that can prevent a person from performing their regular duties.

Personal Physical Injuries

The most common physical injuries that occur at work can often be prevented; however, accidents do happen even when precautions are taken. If this happens to you and it is not a minor injury, it’s necessary to call a workers’ comp attorney in Houston.

How Hiring an Attorney Can Help

Insurance companies are not known for happily paying out benefits to an employee, which is why 27% of all workers’ comp claims are initially denied. Sometimes the process for an insurance payment can take so long that it can affect the quality of life for the injured and their families.

In addition, an insurance payout may provide for the physical injuries, but not the emotional suffering involved. Many insurance companies are counting on the fact that you will give up, or that you’ll wait too long and lose out because the statute of limitations has already passed. This is why it is important to contact a workers’ comp attorney in Houston as soon as possible.

Texas Employers Don’t Need to Have Workers’ Comp

Texas is the only state in the United States where workers’ compensation insurance is an option. If you work for a company who has opted out of workers’ compensation insurance and you get injured, all is not lost, as you can still sue if you have the proper workers’ comp attorney in Houston.

Violations and Neglect are All-Too Common Reasons

Safety violations and negligence by the employer happens more often than not. A workers’ compensation attorney can investigate to check for safety violations and maintenance problems that may have attributed to the injury.

If the employer’s negligence is responsible for the death of an employee, a good attorney can file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the survivors, which can lead to the deceased family being awarded money for loss of wages, funeral expenses, and loss of future support.

Your Workers’ Comp Doesn’t Cover All Your Needs

There are times when you do not get the monetary compensation you actually need, such as for hospital bills that continue to increase, the continuation of physical therapy until you have fully recovered, or if you need extra money to pay for rent and food.

There are also the injuries that permanently disable employees, where they cannot return to work indefinitely due to their injury. Insurance companies hate these kinds of claims and will try anything to prevent you from receiving weekly payments to help you and your family.

A good attorney can make sure you are fully compensated.

Your Boss Retaliates

Another instance where you need to call a workers’ comp attorney in Houston is if you file a workers’ comp claim and your boss retaliates against you. The biggest ways they can retaliate against you is by firing you, reducing your pay, reducing your hours, or discriminating against you. Regardless, you need a workers’ comp attorney to help you.

Your Injury Was the Result of a Third-Party

Say you are a delivery person and one day while making deliveries, a motorist hits you while you are driving your truck, severely injuring you. When something like this happens, you’re not only able to receive worker’s comp but you’re also able to receive compensation from the motorist too.

The Injury Happened While at Sea

Working at sea is a dangerous profession, as bad things can happen quickly and help is often too far away. You will need to contact an attorney that specializes in maritime law, as they can help you get the compensation you deserve.

How to Hire the Right Attorney

Whether you’ve been injured or are suffering from a work-related illness, you deserve the best attorney. When searching for the right attorney, you will want to do a little homework first. Ask how long they’ve been a workers’ comp attorney, and whether workers’ comp is their primary focus as a lawyer. You want to feel comfortable asking questions to your lawyer, and know they will answer them in a way you will understand.

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