How to Get the Most Out of Your DBA Claims

How to Get the Most Out of Your DBA Claims

Aug 11, 2022 | Defense Base Act

In 1941, congress enacted the defense base act to facilitate compensation for military and US citizens working abroad.

Americans working in foreign territories, especially war-prone areas, face more danger. Thus, they deserve more compensation for their troubles.

Besides, we can’t ignore the mental health issues that arise from military deployments and other jobs in foreign lands. If you or your loved one are victims of the same, don’t hesitate to file DBA claims for compensation benefits.

The DBA claim filing process can be frustrating but worth it in the end. Keep reading this article to get the most out of your DBA claim process.

Report the Accidents and Injuries

The court system bases its verdicts on facts. Thus, providing written proof of your injuries will go a long way in your DBA claim process. Report the accident to your supervisor or whoever is in charge as soon as it happens.

Gaps in your injury report leave room for the insurance company to poke holes. They may claim that your injuries are not work-related. Therefore, have your photos and medical reports ready before making any defense base act claims.

Get the Right Representation

Your representation will voice out your demands throughout the DBA claim process. So it’s best to outsource a DBA attorney who is genuinely interested in your case.

Share all the details with the attorney so that they can give you the best advice. Look for an experienced lawyer who has handled many cases in the field. This way, you can be assured of success.

Understand Types of DBA Claims

Before you file any defense base act claims, it’s wise to know what you are getting yourself into. Various types of DBA claims cover different injuries. It would help to understand under what category your injury lies.

Most important is that you capture the policies governing compensation claims in various categories. For instance, compensation for mental health issues and physical deformities will differ.

Attorney Fees

Most victims assume that there are no attorney fees since they are fling for compensation. However, this does not apply in every case.

Your lawyer can file the DBA claims and await a response from the insurance company. If they agree with the report, the insurance firm will pay the attorney fees on your behalf.

You will have to compensate for the legal fees when you fail to get the DBA benefits as expected.

Most genuine defense base act claims get fair compensation. But first, ensure you outsource a reliable DBA lawyer that waits till the end to charge legal fees. To avoid surprises, understand the circumstances of your case and which party will pay for the attorney fees.

Get the Most Out of Your DBA Claims

Gather relevant information before presenting your case to get the most out of your DBA claims. This way, you can know how much to ask in settlement costs.

Your attorney will guide you through each step and provide legal counsel. Feel free to contact us anytime for the best legal help in town.