Finding the Best DBA Attorney for Your Case

Finding the Best DBA Attorney for Your Case

Sep 28, 2019 | Defense Base Act

Are you a contractor or interpreter that’s suffered an injury while working for the U.S. military outside the United States?

If so, you may qualify for workers compensation under the Defense Base Act (DBA). But just because you might be entitled to damages doesn’t mean you’ll get them.

You need to find the best lawyer to represent your interests as you seek to recover what is owed to you under the law.

How can you find the right attorney for you?

Read on to learn how to find the best DBA attorney for your case!

Experience Matters

The attorney you choose should have significant experience in this practice area. The truth is that the DBA is a complicated act that can be hard to understand. 

By finding a lawyer with experience in DBA claims, this can make you more confident as you begin your legal battle to collect what is owed to you.

An experienced Defense Base Act attorney will also be well-versed in the ways the act has changed in recent years. With this knowledge, your attorney can counsel you in the best way during your case. 

Personal Attention

The attorney you pick must give you the personal attention you deserve.

As you speak to an attorney initially about your case, you should spend time speaking to him or her about the sort of office environment they have. You want to avoid being someone who is just another file in the cabinet.

The personal attention you receive will help you communicate with your attorney and keep you both on the same page as your case proceeds through the court system.

Strong Reputation

A lawyer’s reputation is important because it helps provide a track record of the kind of practice they have.

One way you can learn about a lawyer’s reputation is by researching them online. But another effective way to learn about an attorney is to speak to a trusted friend or family member about your situation. 

Consider people you may know that have made a DBA claim in the past. Be sure that whomever you speak to about this, however, is someone you can speak to in confidence. 

You want to avoid telling someone about your case who may have a reason to share this information with an unwanted third party.

Wrapping Up: Find the Best DBA Attorney 

The best DBA attorney for you depends on your personal situation and how you feel during an initial consultation.

As you speak to prospective lawyers, don’t be shy about your expectations or about asking questions. You need to vet the attorney you choose so that you are confident they are the right on for you.

DBA claims are a very unique niche area of the law, so it’s important that you hire someone that understands these claims and how to best advise you given the facts and circumstances of your situation.

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