How to Find a PTSD Lawyer Who Understands Your Needs

How to Find a PTSD Lawyer Who Understands Your Needs

Nov 24, 2022 | PTSD

Each year, about 12 million Americans suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This debilitating psychological disorder alters thinking, feeling, and behavior by making people live in a heightened state of fear.

It can affect your social life, career, and overall health. If you or a loved one experiences symptoms of PTSD due to a military job or unrelated trauma, you deserve compensation.

Keep reading to learn how to find a good PTSD lawyer.

Research Prospective Attorneys

The lawyer who takes on your case can make a huge difference in the outcome. Research prospective attorneys before choosing one.

Look at their educational background and work history. Knowing their college major and where they worked gives you a small idea about their mindset.

Pay attention to how long they worked as attorneys. Newer lawyers may come to court with energy and fresh perspectives. But experience often helps in these types of cases.

Receive Your Diagnosis

You may know that you suffer from a classic case of PTSD. But for the court to acknowledge it, you must receive a proper diagnosis.

You must get at least a 70% PTSD disability rating to qualify for disability through the VA. This indicates that you struggle with leading a normal life.

Doing this ahead of time will help your lawyer focus their energy on winning your case from the start. But, good PTSD lawyers can help you navigate the process. 

Use Your Free Consultation Wisely

A free consultation allows you time to discuss your case with your attorney at no charge. This allows them to see if they can help and lets you decide if they seem like a good fit.

Go into your free consultation organized and ready to make the most of your time. Place all documents in front of you prior to the call.

Make a bulleted list of key points so you can easily answer their questions. Write out a list of important questions to ask them as well.

Look for a Trauma Lawyer

PTSD creates loads of psychological stress on its own. Fighting for your right to compensation can potentially add to it.

Choose legal assistance from somebody who understands the ins and outs of trauma cases. They should be trauma-informed or at least have experience with people who suffer from PTSD like you.

Your lawyer should show compassion up front. You deserve somebody who cares about you first.

Discuss Payment

Ask about payment upfront. With so much going on in your life, you do not need financial issues added on.

Choose a firm that will only take money from you once they win your case. Trauma lawyers should only take on cases they intend on winning. 

A job done right equals money for both of you. So, if they ask for money upfront, keep shopping.

Hire a PTSD Lawyer Today

PTSD makes everything in life difficult, including going after compensation. Do not let that stop you from receiving the money you deserve.

Finding an experienced PTSD lawyer who treats you with respect will help you navigate the process and live better as a result. Set up your free consultation today.