How to Choose a Defense Base Act Lawyer in Texas

How to Choose a Defense Base Act Lawyer in Texas

Apr 7, 2020 | Defense Base Act, Workers' Comp

The Defense Base Act was adopted to provide relief to civilian workers on US military bases outside the country, or on any public works or national defense contract.

If you have suffered an injury in this line of work, you may be entitled to recover compensation. To secure payment, however, you may need a good Defense Base Act lawyer fighting your corner.

In this article, we have a look at the factors to consider when choosing a Defense Base Act lawyer.


This one might seem obvious. After all, no one wants to hire a lawyer who’s fresh out of law school.

However, what you want is a lawyer with specialist experience.

Defense Base Act claims occupy a very specific legal area. Your usual lawyer might have a wealth of experience in wrongful death or personal injury claims, but such credentials might not be of any use in a case like this.

At Barnes Law, we have a dedicated team for Defense Base Act claims.


The better your lawyer is, the better your chances of success in court are.

However, when you’re dealing with monetary settlements, you have to consider value. If your lawyer’s fees are going to eat up a significant percentage of any settlement, they simply might not be worth it.

Make sure to inquire about pricing details when you first sit down with any lawyer. Inquire whether they bill by the hour if they use a contingency pricing system, and what their needs are in terms of expenses.


Professionalism is a broad term that relates to many aspects of a lawyer’s performance. 

A lawyer dedicated to their job should arrive at all meetings on time, with all relevant materials ready for presentation. Their manner should be unfailingly polite, and their dress always neat. 

A key aspect of professionalism is communication. Your lawyer should answer your calls or return them promptly and should reply to emails within a reasonable period.

These are the factors that separate exceptional lawyers from those who are merely competent.


All lawyers will show potential clients the best side of themselves they possibly can. To learn more about them than they will tell you, it might be worth inquiring about their reputation in the profession.

Do other lawyers regard them as ethical, or are they known to take shortcuts in this regard where they can get away with it? Are they known to seek the best possible outcomes for clients in all situations, or just when it’s financially beneficial for them?

The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about a prospective hire.

Who Will You Choose as Your Defense Base Act Lawyer?

Claims in this area can get complicated. To ensure you come out with the compensation you deserve, you need to have a good Defense Base Act lawyer on your side.

If you want to pursue a claim, or you need advice about anything in this area of the law, contact us today.