How Long Does It Take Contractors to Receive PTSD Compensation?

How Long Does It Take Contractors to Receive PTSD Compensation?

Jun 21, 2020 | PTSD

The USA has more foreign military bases than any other country today, and possibly any other country in history.

These bases are staffed by American citizens carrying out a diverse range of functions and tasks. Many of these involve dangerous and distressing work.

Physical injuries are unfortunately common, as are psychological issues like PTSD.

If you’re wondering about how to secure PTSD compensation after returning from a foreign military base, keep reading.

What Is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition. It arises in people who have endured a traumatic experience. It is common in those returning from military service, as many are exposed to scenes of violence or severe shocks.

Symptoms of PTSD include distressing flashbacks, difficulty sleeping, relationship breakdown, depression, substance abuse issues, and many other problems. The condition manifests itself differently in different individuals.

Severe PTSD can make it impossible for a person to partake in everyday life.

What Is the Defense Base Act (DBA)?

The Defense Base Act is a federal provision. It is the main statutory instrument that protects the interests of those working in foreign countries for the US government. 

This includes civilian-military base operatives, as well as those working in foreign embassies.

It provides that employers of such professionals must compensate workers where they suffer injuries or illnesses during the course of their work.

Another key requirement is that they carry suitable workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage is what should pay your medical bills and cover your wages in the event that you fall ill.

How You Can Secure PTSD Compensation

Insurance companies or employers often attempt to dispute elements of a claim in order to lessen or avoid liability.

They might do this by questioning the seriousness of your issue. This is, unfortunately, easier in PTSD cases than in others due to the absence of physical symptoms.

They might also question the true cause of your symptoms. For instance, if you develop substance abuse issues due to PTSD, they might require you to prove that you didn’t have these before your traumatic experience.

To ensure you get fair treatment, you’ll need a competent legal specialist on your side.

Defense Base Act claims are one of our main practice areas at Barnes Law. We’ve spent years securing claims for those who have suffered illnesses and injuries in service of the US government on foreign soil.

We know how insurance firms approach these cases, and we know how to overcome their tactics.

Getting Your Fair Share

The men and women that leave American shores to serve as military personnel often take on huge risks in the service of their country. Psychological difficulty is unfortunately a common occurrence.

PTSD compensation is the only chance many of these people have to regain a normal life after experiencing trauma in the field.

If you’re curious about how to pursue a PTSD claim, or you want to know more about any of the legal services we provide, contact us today.