How Do Defense Base Act Lawyer Fees Work?

How Do Defense Base Act Lawyer Fees Work?

Oct 28, 2021 | Defense Base Act

There’s nothing scarier than the injury or death of a loved one. Medical bills and time off work are expensive, not to mention the emotional toll it takes on everyone involved.

Government contract employees injured overseas, are entitled to financial benefits. A Defense Base Act lawyer will get you the compensation you deserve. 

Learn what you need to know before trying to handle it on your own, doing that could be an expensive mistake.

What is the Defense Base Act?

The Defense Base Act (DBA) protects civilian contractors. To qualify you must work overseas and be employed by the United States. It’s an extension of the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA).

If a claim is successful, you will receive medical benefits, disability compensation, or death benefits

The list of covered employment activities is lengthy but specific.

  • Any work on public work contracts of the U.S.
  • Working on projects funded and approved by the U.S.
  • Injury overseas while transported to or from a military base by the U.S.
  • Work for a private employer while on a military base outside of the U.S.

These are a few scenarios that would entitle you to compensation, there are others.

Should you Hire a Lawyer?

The process is more administrative than a court battle. Because of this, there are many technical compliance requirements. If done wrong it will result in the loss of compensation.

When filing a compensation claim it’s best to have competent legal representation.

DBA claims are more often than not solved outside of court, but it’s possible to end up in litigation. This only happens after all administrative solutions have been looked at.

An experienced DBA attorney understands the complexities. They will produce the best results for you. 

Fees for a Defense Base Act Lawyer

The fees for a Defense Base Act attorney are different than in other cases. For typical cases, there are a few different ways to handle attorney fees.

Contingency Basis

This is a common practice for personal injury lawyers. Instead of charging a flat or hourly fee, they take a portion of the winnings. Contingency fees give them extra motivation to win.

This makes paying for an attorney easier or in the case of a loss, not necessary.

Flat or Hourly Fee

For routine cases, attorneys charge a flat fee. Drafting a will or setting up a corporation have flat fees.

Hourly fees mean that you pay based on how many hours the attorney works.

Employer’s Insurance

For Defense Base Act injury claims, the employer’s insurance might handle attorney fees. This only happens in the rare case of a claimant filing then a dispute occurs. If you filed a claim and are being paid, you are not eligible.

Get Compensation Now

Suffering injury overseas or death while employed on a military base, is difficult. A Defense Base Act lawyer will fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve.

If you qualify, we will help you. Start getting the money you’re entitled to and contact us now!