How a Defense Base Act Lawyer Will Win Your Case

How a Defense Base Act Lawyer Will Win Your Case

Sep 22, 2022 | Defense Base Act

Did you know that there were 60 cases of the Defense Base Act in the United States in 2020? The whole world cumulation has the tally at 15,235.

You’re faced with several risks from your daily encounters in your line of duty. Consequently, the Defense Base Act (DBA) was introduced to compensate civilian contractors.

However, DBA doesn’t assure that you receive your full compensation. Some insurances may want you to settle for a low amount. But competent Defense Base Act attorneys will ensure you file and win your compensation claim.

Read on to learn how a Defense Base Act lawyer will win your case.

Correctly Filing Your Claim

A good Defense Base Act (DBA) lawyer will guide you through the case filing process. Poorly filed cases stand lesser chances of winning.

Your DBA lawyer is in charge of the case filing. By filing a case following the right procedures, you’re on track to winning your case.

Also, Defense Base Act claim filing has strict deadlines. Not meeting the deadline could cost you your benefits. Thus, a DBA lawyer will help you meet the timeframe and follow the proper channels.

Assembling All Relevant Details

Preparation is key to any victory. Therefore, a Defense Base Act Attorney will walk you through every step of the case. This measure will prepare you for every proceeding taking place.

Assembling all relevant documents and evidence supporting your DBA claim will help build a strong case. Your attorney can best represent your DBA claim when all the key files are in place.

Explaining the Procedures

Walking you through the proceedings will form a basis for handling the case. This not only builds your confidence but also familiarizes you with the case.

DBA claims have very stern measures. There are activities that lawyers will warn against. Following your attorney’s guidelines will increase your odds of winning your case.

Advice Against Signing Any Document

Lawyers advise against signing on any deal that has not gone through them. If you’re offered any deal, your DBA Attorney is the best person to consult.

Moreso, some documents may be lengthy and confusing. Your lawyer can discern whether it affects your case or not. Refraining from signing any document without a lawyer present helps your case.

All communication relating to your case should go through your attorney. This will aid in winning your case by avoiding jargon and hidden traps.

Representing You in Every Step

Winning a DBA claim means that your lawyer will have full-time availability for you. At times, your DBA Lawyer is your only friend in the case proceedings. You ought to build your trust in them.

You can get in touch with a DBA lawyer to ensure you have the proper representation in your DBA claim.

Winning Your Case Through a Defense Base Act Lawyer 

A good Defense Base Act lawyer will start by correctly filing your DBA claim. Then, they will source all relevant evidence and documents to build a strong case.

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