How a Defense Base Act Attorney Can Help a Defense Contractor

How a Defense Base Act Attorney Can Help a Defense Contractor

Oct 9, 2020 | Defense Base Act

Are you a defense contractor with the United States military or government?

Serving as a contractor is honorable work that many find worthwhile. Yet, it comes with a considerable amount of risk, as contractors are sometimes placed in dangerous situations.

This sometimes leads to a number of injuries, ranging from the relatively mild to the severe. If you’ve suffered an injury, you might be wondering what your rights are and if you can receive compensation.

Some good news: you can. Under the Defense Base Act (DBA), contracted workers for the military are eligible for compensation for work-related injuries.

However, having a Defense Base Act attorney can help you secure your benefits.

Keep reading to learn how a DBA lawyer can get you the assistance you need!

What Is the Defense Base Act?

The DBA has been around since 1941 when the government recognized the need for workers’ compensation benefits for its civilian employees serving overseas.

Under the DBA, you are entitled to full medical coverage of any injuries you sustained on the job. The coverage should last until you have been fully treated. 

If you have become permanently disabled, the coverage will be continuous. Should you become partially disabled, you will receive partial benefits.

To get your benefits, you will have to reach a settlement agreement with your employer. Due to the stipulations of the DBA, you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer.

What a Defense Base Act Attorney Does for You

If you’re not allowed to bring a case against your employer, you might be wondering why you should hire a Defense Base Act attorney.

Unfortunately, some employers are hesitant to compensate workers for their injuries, or their insurance companies try to give you a lesser payment than you are entitled to.

Defense Base Act lawyers possess a very thorough knowledge of both the Act and your rights under it. As such, they will be able to advise you as you file your DBA claim.

The process of getting your compensation can be long and complicated. A good DBA attorney will help you navigate the process and make sure you have everything you need for your claim.

They will also help you meet the necessary deadlines. 

What to Look for in an Attorney

If you’re looking for a DBA lawyer, you will need to consider the following points:

  1. How much experience they have defending DBA cases.
  2. How often their clients win or lose their claims.

After all, when you’re injured, you shouldn’t just settle for any lawyer. Instead, you should make sure your attorney has the experience and skill to win you compensation.

Need Representation?

If you’ve been injured while working for the U.S. military, you deserve compensation.

Looking for a Defense Base Act attorney is an integral part of receiving this payment. Lawyers will help you navigate your case and avoid possible pitfalls.

Not sure where to start looking? Our attorneys are skilled at providing assistance to those in the middle of DBA claims. Contact us today to learn more!