How a DBA Lawyer Can Get You Amazing Results

How a DBA Lawyer Can Get You Amazing Results

Aug 20, 2021 | Defense Base Act

Since 1941, the Defense Base Act has been protecting countless contractors injured overseas. Although the law is intended to be on your side, insurance companies are often not.

Unfortunately, even if the process is accurately followed, DBA claims still tend to be denied, undervalued, or delayed. A DBA lawyer can guide you through this process and get you the incredible payout you need.

Continue reading to learn about how a lawyer can help your Defense Base Act claims get paid on time. 

Hiring a DBA Lawyer

The first step in getting high compensation for your claim is to hire a DBA attorney. If you are an injured embassy contractor or other contracted civilian, then you have legal rights for defense.

To hire a Defense Base Act lawyer, you need to look for an experienced firm with a good claim win record. Most firms offer free consultations and the service is usually paid for by insurance. If your claim is unsuccessful, it is common for firms to withhold charges and not require payment.

If you are outside of America, you also need to make sure the firm defends clients overseas. Depending on your injury, you want to research if firms are accessible and can visit you for consultations.

As long as they match your experience and fee requirements, they can help with injury claims such as amputations or PTSD.

What a DBA Attorney Does

The basic DBA lawyer functions are to help with claim filing, documentation, insurance, and litigation. You can also expect them to have a full understanding of the Defense Base Act and be able to explain it clearly to you.

During the claims process, you can expect a lawyer to follow filing deadlines and request as much information as possible. They use all witnesses, files, evidence, and medical records to build a solid case.

A Defense Base Act attorney is also familiar with all the DBA rules and language. This knowledge will prevent you from saying or signing the wrong thing that can hurt your case. A DBA lawyer will also represent you in court to fight for your worker’s compensation and complete payout. 

When a DBA Lawyer Can Help

Claims could take months to settle, and a lawyer can expedite the difficult process whether you hire them early or late in the claim.

Lawyers can get you great results even if you are filing beyond the allowed claim period. If your symptoms worsened or appeared after this period, an attorney can still help you get fair compensation. Especially for mental health injuries, a DBA lawyer can help to make sure it is handled the same as physical injuries.

Another benefit is that they can get you settlements for exacerbated pre-existing health concerns. You can also get higher payouts for civilian contractor’s claims since lawyers can negotiate on your behalf. Insurance companies often offer initial low amounts, but attorneys know how to spot these and fight for more compensation. 

Help For Your DBA Claims

A DBA lawyer is crucial for your claim success and with over 20 years of experience, Barnes Law Firm can help you win.

For physical and mental injuries acquired overseas, you need a DBA attorney to fight for the highest compensation you have a right to. Contact us today for an evaluation and to take the first step to claim compensation.